A new year, a new decade, new inspiration

Advice is given to use by many people in our lives. Our parents, our teachers, our mentors, friends and strangers can share a few words that can impact us for ever. Perhaps these are words we heed on a daily basis or we try to integrate into our lifestyle. What advice do you carry with you? In my recent column in the Napa Valley Register I shared some of the advice that winemakers have shared with me when interviewing them for the Wine Soundtrack podcast. Perhaps you have been given some of the same advice or perhaps some of these words will inspire you. Either way, may this be a wonderful new year!


When I was a little girl, my mom said something to me that I would never forget. I was nervous about going to a party and whether I would know people and have fun. She told me that you make your own good time. I could go with a negative attitude and would likely not have fun. Or I could go with a positive attitude and see what would happen.

This advice is something that I have carried with me throughout my life, and I approach everything I do with a positive attitude and an open mind.

Over the past year, I have interviewed close to 100 winemakers for the podcast Wine Soundtrack. I ask questions to get to know the winemaker, and towards the end of each interview, I ask each of them if there is particular advice or words of wisdom that were shared with them over the years that they aspire to live by. As it is a new year, a new decade and time of reflection, I went through all of the interviews and thought I would share some of the advice winemakers were given.