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LA Downtown News (June 18, 2024)
The Festival of Forgotten Grapes: Wine event debuts in late June for enthusiasts

Wine Travel Awards (May 2024)
A Celebration of Wine Travel and Camaraderie

VeroVino Craft Wines (April 27, 2024)
A Wine For The People

Canvas Rebel (March 8, 2024)
Meet Allison Levine


Bold Journey (December 8, 2023)

Meet Allison Levine

ბიზნესპარტნიორი Georgian Media New Company (October 2023)

Gurjaani Wine Festival




[July 30, 2020] Grape Experieces:
Crush On This: The Must-See YouTube Wine Video Series

[June 18, 2020] Facebook Live with Stefano Poggi

[April 30, 2020] Wonder Women of Wine:
#FemmeFriday Allison Levine

[April 2020] Food Wine Travel Magazine:
How to Enjoy Wine Tasting During COVID-19

[January 30, 2020]Money Matters Top tips Podcast:
Adam Torres interviews Allison Levine Owner at Please The Palate and Host of the Wine Soundtrack Podcast


[Deceember 6, 2019] Wine Industry Advisor:
High Profile Judging Panel Unveiled for 2020 McMinnville Wine & Food Classic –SIP!

[November 27, 2019] Azamara:
The Best Travel Destinations for Wine Lovers

[October 20, 2019]Money Matters Top Tips Podcast:
Allison Levine of Please The Palate

[October 2019] Hit The Bottle Podcast:
Episode 7: Event Know-how

[August 12, 2019] Wine Industry Advisor:
Turning the Tables on Allison Levine

[February 14, 2019] Clear Voice:
Niche Expert: Allison Levine’s Journey From Wine Consumer to Marketer to Blogger to… GM of Effervescence



[December 12, 2017] Access Trip:
Delicious Daiquiris with Guest Blogger Allison Levine

[February 22, 2017] Wine Bloggers Conference:
What Companies Want from Wine Bloggers


[December 5, 2016] Vinley Market:
How To Tell If A Wine Is Good By The Label

[June 16, 2016] The Drinks Business:
Top Ten Wines in the US Press

[May 19, 2016] Gabe Saglie’s Blog
On the Road: Santa Barbara Vintners Descend on L.A.

[May 13, 2016] Santa Barbara Vintners
Bringing The Wild, Wacky And Wonderful To LA

[Jan 2016] Wine Tourist Magazine
Editor’s Letter January 2016


[December 28, 2015] LA Weekly:
Meet The Curtis Stone Superfan Who Dined at Every Maude Dinner in 2015

[November 2015] Wine Tourist Magazine
Editor’s Letter November 2015

[July 2015] The Gilbraltar Magazine:
Wine Prices Deconstructed (Please The Palate Photo Credit)

[June 2015] PRSA Travel and Tourism Conference Breakout Session:
“Getting Crafty: Distilling the Secrets to Getting Coverage for Your Brewery, Distillery or Winery”

[March 9, 2015]
Taste of Solvang 2015

[January 7, 2015] PR Web:


[April 2014] BAR Magazine:
Eat Drink and Be Merry at Golden State of Cocktails

[March 12, 2014] The Huffington Post, written by Marisa Churchill:
Exploring The Los Angeles Food Scene


[November 2013]
Shaken or Stirred…Sababa Will Announce The Winner of its Holiday Cocktail Contest

[October 10, 2013] Sapori del Piemonte:
Educational del Consorzio. Le bloggers Usa innamorate del Brachetto d’Acqui: «Conquistate al primo sorso» (USA Bloggers Are In Love With Brachetto d’Acqui)

[Sept 25, 2013] La Provinca Pavese
L’Oltrepò Sbarca In California

[Spring 2013] Harvard-Westlake LIFE
Profile of Owner Allison Levine


[Oct 21, 2011]
Wino Wednesday on Indie103 podcast

Client Press

The Festival of Forgotten Grapes

LA Downtown News (June 18, 2024)
The Festival of Forgotten Grapes: Wine event debuts in late June for enthusiasts (June 16, 2024)
Mark Your Calendars: California’s Forgotten Grapes Come to LA>

Men’s Journal (June 15, 2024)
Breakout of Your Wine Drinking Rut and Attend the Festival of Forgotten Grapes

WeLikeLA (June 10, 2024)
Things To Do This Week in Los Angeles [6-10-2024 to 6-14-2024]

Thrillist (June 2, 2024)
26 Things You Have to Do in LA This June, Including Pride and a Shrek Rave

Wine Industry Advisor Drink Differently and Taste Boldly at the 1st annual Festival of Forgotten Grapes on Saturday, June 29th in Los Angeles’ Downtown Arts District

Wine Business Monthly Drink Differently and Taste Boldly at the 1st annual Festival of Forgotten Grapes on Saturday, June 29th in Los Angeles’ Downtown Arts District

Vintage Hollywood

Angeleno Magazine “Joel McHale to Bring Laughs to Vintage Hollywood 2022”

LA Confidential “Joel McHale to Bring Laughs to Vintage Hollywood 2022”


Daily Advent “Joel McHale Hosts Go Campaign’s Vintage Hollywood Fundraiser on Saturday, June 11

Los Angeles Magazine “Joel McHale to Host GO Campaign’s Vintage Hollywood Benefit Event (Exclusive)

Flipboard “Joel McHale to Host GO Campaign’s Vintage Hollywood Benefit Event (Exclusive)

Robert Camuto South of Somewhere West Coast Tour

La Dolce Vigna (March 1, 2023)

Tasting Panel Magazine (July/August 2022)
Date by the Gate by Deborah Parker Wong

Napa Valley Wine Library Books on Wine (March 22, 2022)
South of Somewhere is Robert Camuto’s 3rd Book

Planet Grape Wine Review (May 26, 2022)
SOUTH OF SOMEWHERE BY ROBERT CAMUTO – planet grape® wine review

Life Between The Vines
Podcast #485 – Robert Camuto, Author “South of Somewhere: Wine, Food & the Soul of Italy”

The Wine Situation: Robert Camuto

The Krush 95.5 – Wine Wednesday with Ziggy (April 6, 2022)

Grape Experiences
Read These, Sip Those – Three Books and Wines for Pairing (April 5, 2022)

Life Between The Vines
Podcast #482 (April 4, 2022)

SoCalArmenian Radio
Wine And Dine In LA With Anush Part 1 (March 10, 2022)
Wine And Diner in LA With Anush Part 2 (March 10, 2022)

The Wine Situation Podcast (March 30, 2022)

Wine Along the 101 (March 25, 2022)
The Spirit of Renaissance is Alive and Well in “South of Somewhere”

SoCal Restaurant Show (March 12, 2022)

CRN Radio What’s Cookin’ Today Show (February 24, 2022)

Madeira Wine

[March 25, 2024: Paste Magazine]
Tasting: 3 Madeiras From Portugal

[January 30, 2024: Grape Experiences]
Madeira: A Wine Beyond Borders – A Tale of Islands, Innovation, and Centuries-Old Craftsmanship

[January 5, 2024: Delectable]
Mad, Mad, Madeira World

[January 2, 2024] Galveston Monthly

Exploring the Wines of Madeira Island: A Guide for Wine Enthusiasts

[December 27, 2023] Zoe Report

Madeira Is The Fortified Wine That’s Taking Off For 2024

[December 1, 2023] Men’s Journal
Holiday Gifting Guide 2023: The Best Madeiras

[November 29, 2023] LAdineNclub
Madeira Wine Experience Los Angeles – Tasting Exciting Wines from Portugal

[November 22, 2023] Strong Coffee To Red Wine
Madeira, An Island’s Liquid Jewel

[November 20, 2023] MelanieWebberWine
Have Some Madeira, My Dear, You Really Have Nothing to Fear….

[November 14, 2023] Dine, See, Travel
Have Some Madeira M’dear!

[November 11, 2023] SoCal Restaurant Show
Madeira Wine with Sommelier and Wines of Portugal Brand Ambassador Eugenio Jardim Part One

Madeira Wine with Sommelier and Wines of Portugal Brand Ambassador Eugenio Jardim Part Two

[November 11, 2023] Dangerous Cupcake Lifestyle

[November 8, 2023] Wine Review Online
Madeira: So Much More Than Sweet

[November 6, 2023] Local Food Eater
Have Some Madeira (in New Ways!), M’Dear

[October 19, 2022] Hudson Valley Wine Goddess
7 Facts About Madeira

[October 11, 2022] Beauty Loves Booze
Madeira Wine Experience – October 4, 2022

[October 6, 2022] Delighted Cooking
What Is Madeira Wine

[September 29, 2022] Matador Network
Headed To Europe? Here’s Why You Should Add Madeira To Your Trip

[September 19, 2022] Sonoma Wine Garden
What is Madeira

Travel Distilled
What is Madeira

The Social NY
Here’s What To Do In NY This Fall

Christie’s International Real Estate Magazine:
Life is Sweet

[July 19, 2017] Food and Wine:
Marinas Menu: Discover History with MADEIRA WINES

[June 24, 2017] Dame Wine:
Death by Madeira

[June 11, 2017] The WineKnitter:
Day 577 Madeira

[May 16, 2017]
Madeira Wine

[Jan 2017] Beverage Bulletin:
Madeira Tasting

[December 21, 2016] Wine Imbiber:
Madeira for the Holidays

[December 14, 2016] BottleNotes:
Great Bottles to Give Your Wine Lover

[December 11, 2016] Eat Something Sexy:
Madeira Wines –They’ll Get You In The Mood

[December 8, 2016] Vittles Vintages Voyages:
Beverly Hills–World wide Madeira wines have pleased for five centuries

[May/June 2012] Imbibe Magazine:
Rediscovering Maderia by Lance Mayhew

[March 2012] Splendid Table:
Patrick Comiskey Interviewed

Milano Wine Week

Dão Wines

[October 2022] Vinography
An Afternoon’s Dalliance With Dão

[October 2021] WineDivaa
Let’s go beyond Touriga Nacional and enjoy the White Wine and Rosé from Dão

[February 2021] Adventures of a Carry-On

[July 2020] My Vino Rules
DÃO Vinhos Dão

[January 2020] Luxury Web Magazine
Dão Wines

[May 2, 2020] The WineKnitter:
A Virtual Visit To The DÃO Wine Region

[April 29, 2020] Dracaena Wines:
Dão; The Hidden Gem of Portugal

[March 2020] Dallas Wine Chick:
Explore the Dão Region: Wines You Should Discover That Are a Steal

The Wine Hub:
Better To Stay with the DAO, if you have Long Term Goals by Philip S. Kampe

JBV Uncorked:
Wines of the Dão

[February 28, 2020] WTOP News:
Wine of the Week: Wines from Portugal’s Dão Region

[January 2020] Enobytes:
What to Drink: Dao Wines, the Hidden Gem of Portugal

[December 6 2019] Syrah Queen:
Eight Things You Should Know About Dão Wines

[November 11, 2019] Exploring the Wine Glass:
Discussing the Dao Region of Portugal (November 11, 2019)

[November 4, 2019] Lyra Mag:
Dào Wines-of Portugal

[July 2019] Galveston Monthly:

Wines of Setubal

[October 20, 2019] Denise Clark PR:
Wines of Setúbal

Seven % Solution

[September 2016] Vittles, Vintages and Voyages:
The Seven % Solution took a new approach to the tasting of California wine

Bernard Magrez

[April 29, 2019] Advice Sisters:
Summertime or ANY Time is a Fine Time to Sip These Wines!

[February 14, 2019] Lyra Mag:
Valentine’s Wine Time

Gelato Festival America

Adventures in a Carry-On: Why Eat Gelato?

DoctorWine and The Ultimate Guide to Italian Wine

[Spring 2019] Vittles, Vintages & Voyages:
What better way for a book signing than a wine tasting (Spring 2019)

[November 2018] Wine Along the 101:
Italian Wines Prescribed by DoctorWine (November 2018)

[March 05, 2017]
Doctor Wine’s The Ultimate Guide to Italian Wine 2018 (March 5, 2018)

[February 24, 2017]
Ultimate Guide to Italian Wine by Daniele Cernilli

[February 28, 2017] Von Vino:
The Ultimate Guide to Italian Wine

Santa Barbara Seasons:
Cocktail Corner: A Tasting of Italy with DoctorWine

When the Moon Hits Your Eye – The Ultimate Guide to Italian Wine

Briscoe Bites:
A Day with “DoctorWine” Daniele Cernilli

Great Taste Magazine:
Doctor Wine, Daniele Cernilli Introduces Italian Wines to Orange County

[March 22, 2017] Professional Drinking:
A Brief Tour of Italian Wines

[March 11, 2017] Washington Post:
Italy’s go-to critic confirms why America’s embracing his country’s vino

Tunisian Wine

[January 29, 2019] Newsweek:
5 Unexpected Wine Regions Producing The World’s Best Wines

[May 2018] Wine Along the 101:
The Alluring Wines of Tunisia

Texas Wines

Saute Magazine:
Texas Hill Country

[January 18, 2018] The Nibble:
TIP OF THE DAY: Texas Wines

[January 12, 2018] Advice Sisters:
Venturing Deep Into The Heart of — Texas Wine!

[November 12, 2017] Wine Lovers Tours:
Is “Very Good Texas Wines” an Oxymoron?

[November 11, 2017] The Wine Knitter:
Day 609 An Afternoon In Texas

New Zealand Wine Growers

[November 5, 2017] Sippity Sup:
Mapping Out Dinner: Scallops with Saffron Broth and Sautéed Fennel

[November 5, 2017] Sippity Sup:
Greywacke Wild Sauvignon 2015

[October 31, 2017] Vittles and Voyages:
Los Angeles–Maori dancers gave additional flavor to the New Zealand in a Glass wine event

[October 30, 2017] Spirit of Wine:
New Zealand in a Glass

Decouvertes du Rhone

CRN Digital Talk Radio

What’s Cookin’ Today Show (September 6, 2022)

Beverage Media June 2017

AEVP Porto and Douro

[December 23, 2022] Vinohead
A Little Dessert Never Hurt

[October 20, 2022] A Wine Story
Port Wine Masterclass

[May 9, 2019] Neat Pour:
First Taste Sampling the Vintage 2017 Ports

[October 26, 2017] Thrillist:
10 Thanksgiving Getaways For A Long Weekend with Zero Drama

[Oct 13, 2017] Wine Club Miami:
Celebrating the Brotherhood of Port

[November 29, 2016] The Wine Economist:
The Name Game: Porto, Napa Diplomacy and the Fortified Wine Dilemma

[October 30, 2016] Matthew’s World of Wine & Drink:
Port and Douro

[November 13, 2016] The Cork Dork:
Wine with Pumpkin Pie: 20 Year Tawny in the Sweet Spot

[November 1, 2016]
Port and Douro DOC Wine Tasting

[November 2016] Ronald Mar’s Taste of the World:
Traditional Portugese Porto Enthrals The World For Centuries

Santa Barbara Road Trip LA

[February 12, 2018] Sommspirations:
Event Spotlight: Santa Barbara Winemaker’s Lunch @ Kali Restaurant

[August 2017] Wine Along the 101:
Santa Barbara Winemakers Road Trip to LA

[June 2017] Vittles, Vintages & Voyages:
Santa Barbara put on display wines from all six of its winegrowing areas

[June 5, 2017] LuxeBeat magazine:
Tasting Lucas & Lewellen Wines with Michael LewellenVittles Vintages & Voyages June 2017

[June 3, 2017] Darling Magazine:
Where to Wine in Santa Barbara: Part 2

[June 2, 2017] Darling Magazine:
Where to Wine in Santa Barbara: Part 1

[May 25, 2017] SoCal Pulse:
Plan A Perfect Weekend Getaway to Santa Barbara Wine Country

[May 2017] LuxeBeat magazine:
Sipping Brander Wines 71 Stories Above Los Angeles

[May 18, 2017] Wine Scene:
Santa Barbara Comes to Los Angeles

[May 18, 2017] Dine and Travel:
Santa Barbara Vintner – Brander Wines

[May 19, 2017] Dine and Travel:
Interview with Michael Lewellen of Lucas & Lewellyn Winery

[May 1, 2017] LuggageFree:
A Surprising California Wine Getaway that Isn’t Napa Valley

[April 13, 2017] LA Weekly:
Solvang: It’s Not Just the Place You Take Your Aunt When She’s in Town Anymore

[December 3, 2016] LuxeBeat magazine:
Five Elegant Chardonnay Wines from Santa Barbara

[November 2016] Wine Along The 101:
Santa Barbara Winemakers Road Trip: Bordeaux Varietals

[November 2016)] Wine Along The 101:
Santa Barbara Winemakers Road Trip: Rhone Varietals

[October 2016] Wine Along the 101:
Santa Barbara Winemakers Road Trip: Pinot Noir

[October 2016] Wine Along the 101:
Santa Barbara Winemakers Road Trip: Chardonnay

[July 5, 2016] Skylight Gardens:
In Our Own Backyard

[May 27, 2016] Table Conversations:
Santa Barbara Rhones Go On The Road

[May 26, 2016] Love Happy Hour:
Santa Barbara Vintners Road Trip: Los Angeles

[May 23, 2016] Now and Zin Wine:
Santa Barbara’s L.A. Road Trip: Chardonnay

[May 19, 2016] Gabe Saglie’s Blog
On the Road: Santa Barbara Vintners Descend on L.A.

[May 13, 2016] Santa Barbara Vintners
Bringing The Wild, Wacky And Wonderful To LA

Wines of Jura

[May 05, 2016]
The Strange and Wonderful Wines of Jura

[April 30, 2016] Wine Imbiber:
Wines of Jura

[April 26, 2016] Tasting Page:
France’s Unique Jura Wines

[April 21, 2016]
Wines of the Jura: Eastern France’s best kept secret

[April 21, 2016] Dine and Travel Blog:
Fabulous French Passion Jura Wines

[April 20, 2016] Vittles, Vintages and Voyages:
“Century City–The Passion Jura wine event showed interesting varietals and wines”

Wine Australia

[June 18, 2016] Advice Sisters:
Michael Jackson? Black or White? Wine from Greece and Australia

[May 23, 2016]
Australian Wines Coming On Strong

[May 03, 2016] Dine and Trave:
10 Most Drinkable Australian Wines

[April 04, 2016] Dallas Wine Chick:
Savour South Australia Wines: Old Vines, Classic Wines, Family Lines

[April 04, 2016] Red Rockin Blog: Savoring The Land Down Under with South Australian #Wine

[April 2016] Active Boomer Adventures:
South Australia Wine Tasting

[March 17, 2016] Texas Wineaux:
Savour South Australia Wines

Wines of Tejo

[May 24, 2015] The Fab Empire:
Review: Wines of Tejo Tasting at Barcelona

Wines of Naoussa

[August 9, 2017] Minnesota Girl in the World:
Xinomavro Wine: The Story of Naoussa

[July 27, 2017] Napa Valley Register:
The World in a Glass: A mysterious visitor

[July 19, 2015] Mariani’s Virtual Gourmet:
Greek Wines by Mort Hochstein

[June 2015] Eat Something Sexy:
Wines of Naoussa—a Greek Odyssey

[May 2015] Vittles, Vintages and Voyages –
Vol 23, No. 4

[May 15, 2015]
Xinomavro, the exceptional Greek wine

[April 15, 2015]
Tasting Wines of Northern Greece and Wines of Naoussa
Greek Wines 2015 – Los Angeles

[March 30, 2015]
Naoussa Shares Xinomavro wines with San Francisco

Wines of Provence

[May 2015] Vittles, Vintages and Voyages – Vol 23, No. 4

[May 10, 2015] Talk-A-Vino:
Seeing The World Through The Pink Glasses

[April 16, 2015] Gourmet Pigs:
Provence Rose Luncheon at Bar Boulud

[April 12, 2015] Advice Sisters:
Wines of Provence- Snow on the Ground but Spring in the Glass

[March 26, 2015]
Provence: It’s all about Rosé

[March 24, 2015] Edible Skinny:
Pretty In Pink: Wines of Provence

[March 16, 2015]
Boom Times for Provence Rose Wine

[March 12, 2015] Truth ‘n Wine:
Provence Wines Are “In the Pink”

[March 2015] Bottlenotes:
Regional Spotlight: Provence France

[March 2015] Vittles Voyages:
Beverly Hills–The wines of Provence showed well at L’Ermitage Tasting

[March 20, 2015] Art and Entertain Me:
Provence Winemakers Bring All Shades of Rosé to San Francisco

Slow Wine

Spain’s Great Match

[December 2014] Jerusalem Post: A Fiesta of Tapas and Wine

Wines of DO La Mancha

[September 10, 2014]
Quality Wines of La Mancha

[July 11, 2014]
Lunch and A Lot of La Mancha Wine

[June 30, 2014] Grape Expectations
No Windmills…Just Giants: Discover the D.O. Wines of La Mancha

[June 14, 2014]
I Would Re-DO La Mancha Wines: Tasting Spanish Wines from the Land of Don Quixote

[June 12, 2014]
Discover the D.O. Wines of La Mancha

[June 12, 2014] WineImbiber
DO La Mancha

Experience Ancient and Indigenous Varietals of Greece

[June 19, 2014]
The Thrilling Wines of Greece by Patricia Decker

[June 12, 2014] LA Times
Beyond Retsina: Modern Greek wines offer great value Written by S. Irene Virbila

[June 6, 2014]
Look for Greeks Bearing Grapes

Golden State of Cocktails 2014

2011 Vintage Port Tour

The Consorzio Chianti Tasting Los Angeles

[Summer 2013] Vittles Vintages & Voyages
What Could Be More Italian Than Chianti

[May 10, 2013]
Chianti Calling by Roberta Rinaldi

Drink Ribera

Vinum Sloventian and Croation Wine Tasting

[September 14, 2012]

Bodegas Riojanas

[July 14, 2012]

Viva Vino LA

Click here for Video Summary All That Sparkles Isn’t Champagne: Italy (July 2012) VIVA VINO LA: Doing Italia (May 2012)

9 Colonne The wines of Italy in Southern California (May 2012)

[May 2012] The West Beacon Ranch
A Little Tasting of Orange Wines and More

[May 2012] It’s Not All About Me Three Wine Events

[May 2012] Winemaker Carlo Ferrini and Domodimonti Wines

[May 2012]
Italian Wine: VIVA VINO LA 2012

[May 2012] Eve’s Wine 101
VIVA VINO LA TASTING: Italian Sparkling is not just Prosecco!

[May 2012] Florence Daily News
Viva Vino LA

[May 2011] Vini e Vino
VivaVinoLa: Los Angeles, the new star, the Italian native vines (May 2012)

[May 2012] Florence Daily News
Italy’s historical and thriving wine culture

[May 2011] LA Weekly
Viva Vino LA: Italian Wines Flood Los Angeles

[May 2011] Viva La Foodies
Leaning Sideways at Viva Vino LA

[May 2011] Daily Ovation
From the GrapeVine: Viva Vino LA

[May 2011] D-Cantor
Viva Vino LA

Wines of Veneto

[August 2011] Grape Smart Viva Veneto

[Sept 2011] Chicago Now He Sipped/She Sipped:
A Region to Try: The Wines of Veneto

[August 2011] Examiner The Wines of Veneto