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Please The Palate Press



[Deceember 6, 2019] Wine Industry Advisor:
High Profile Judging Panel Unveiled for 2020 McMinnville Wine & Food Classic –SIP!

[November 27, 2019] Azamara:
The Best Travel Destinations for Wine Lovers

[October 20, 2019]Money Matters Top Tips Podcast:
Allison Levine of Please The Palate

[October 2019] Hit The Bottle Podcast:
Episode 7: Event Know-how

[August 12, 2019] Wine Industry Advisor:
Turning the Tables on Allison Levine

[February 14, 2019] Clear Voice:
Niche Expert: Allison Levine’s Journey From Wine Consumer to Marketer to Blogger to… GM of Effervescence



[December 12, 2017] Access Trip:
Delicious Daiquiris with Guest Blogger Allison Levine

[February 22, 2017] Wine Bloggers Conference:
What Companies Want from Wine Bloggers


[December 5, 2016] Vinley Market:
How To Tell If A Wine Is Good By The Label

[June 16, 2016] The Drinks Business:
Top Ten Wines in the US Press

[May 19, 2016] Gabe Saglie’s Blog
On the Road: Santa Barbara Vintners Descend on L.A.

[May 13, 2016] Santa Barbara Vintners
Bringing The Wild, Wacky And Wonderful To LA

[Jan 2016] Wine Tourist Magazine
Editor’s Letter January 2016


[December 28, 2015] LA Weekly:
Meet The Curtis Stone Superfan Who Dined at Every Maude Dinner in 2015

[November 2015] Wine Tourist Magazine
Editor’s Letter November 2015

[July 2015] The Gilbraltar Magazine:
Wine Prices Deconstructed (Please The Palate Photo Credit)

[June 2015] PRSA Travel and Tourism Conference Breakout Session:
“Getting Crafty: Distilling the Secrets to Getting Coverage for Your Brewery, Distillery or Winery”

[March 9, 2015]
Taste of Solvang 2015

[January 7, 2015] PR Web:


[April 2014] BAR Magazine:
Eat Drink and Be Merry at Golden State of Cocktails

[March 12, 2014] The Huffington Post, written by Marisa Churchill:
Exploring The Los Angeles Food Scene


[November 2013]
Shaken or Stirred…Sababa Will Announce The Winner of its Holiday Cocktail Contest

[October 10, 2013] Sapori del Piemonte:
Educational del Consorzio. Le bloggers Usa innamorate del Brachetto d’Acqui: «Conquistate al primo sorso» (USA Bloggers Are In Love With Brachetto d’Acqui)

[Sept 25, 2013] La Provinca Pavese
L’Oltrepò Sbarca In California

[Spring 2013] Harvard-Westlake LIFE
Profile of Owner Allison Levine


[Oct 21, 2011]
Wino Wednesday on Indie103 podcast

Client Press

Milano Wine Week

Dão Wines

[October 2021] WineDivaa
Let’s go beyond Touriga Nacional and enjoy the White Wine and Rosé from Dão

[February 2021] Adventures of a Carry-On

[July 2020] My Vino Rules
DÃO Vinhos Dão

[January 2020] Luxury Web Magazine
Dão Wines

[May 2, 2020] The WineKnitter:
A Virtual Visit To The DÃO Wine Region

[April 29, 2020] Dracaena Wines:
Dão; The Hidden Gem of Portugal

[March 2020] Dallas Wine Chick:
Explore the Dão Region: Wines You Should Discover That Are a Steal

The Wine Hub:
Better To Stay with the DAO, if you have Long Term Goals by Philip S. Kampe

JBV Uncorked:
Wines of the Dão

[February 28, 2020] WTOP News:
Wine of the Week: Wines from Portugal’s Dão Region

[January 2020] Enobytes:
What to Drink: Dao Wines, the Hidden Gem of Portugal

[December 6 2019] Syrah Queen:
Eight Things You Should Know About Dão Wines

[November 11, 2019] Exploring the Wine Glass:
Discussing the Dao Region of Portugal (November 11, 2019)

[November 4, 2019] Lyra Mag:
Dào Wines-of Portugal

[July 2019] Galveston Monthly:

Wines of Setubal

[October 20, 2019] Denise Clark PR:
Wines of Setúbal

Seven % Solution

[September 2016] Vittles, Vintages and Voyages:
The Seven % Solution took a new approach to the tasting of California wine

Bernard Magrez

[April 29, 2019] Advice Sisters:
Summertime or ANY Time is a Fine Time to Sip These Wines!

[February 14, 2019] Lyra Mag:
Valentine’s Wine Time

Gelato Festival America

Adventures in a Carry-On: Why Eat Gelato?

DoctorWine and The Ultimate Guide to Italian Wine

[Spring 2019] Vittles, Vintages & Voyages:
What better way for a book signing than a wine tasting (Spring 2019)

[November 2018] Wine Along the 101:
Italian Wines Prescribed by DoctorWine (November 2018)

[March 05, 2017]
Doctor Wine’s The Ultimate Guide to Italian Wine 2018 (March 5, 2018)

[February 24, 2017]
Ultimate Guide to Italian Wine by Daniele Cernilli

[February 28, 2017] Von Vino:
The Ultimate Guide to Italian Wine

Santa Barbara Seasons:
Cocktail Corner: A Tasting of Italy with DoctorWine

When the Moon Hits Your Eye – The Ultimate Guide to Italian Wine

Briscoe Bites:
A Day with “DoctorWine” Daniele Cernilli

Great Taste Magazine:
Doctor Wine, Daniele Cernilli Introduces Italian Wines to Orange County

[March 22, 2017] Professional Drinking:
A Brief Tour of Italian Wines

[March 11, 2017] Washington Post:
Italy’s go-to critic confirms why America’s embracing his country’s vino

Tunisian Wine

[January 29, 2019] Newsweek:
5 Unexpected Wine Regions Producing The World’s Best Wines

[May 2018] Wine Along the 101:
The Alluring Wines of Tunisia

Texas Wines

Saute Magazine:
Texas Hill Country

[January 18, 2018] The Nibble:
TIP OF THE DAY: Texas Wines

[January 12, 2018] Advice Sisters:
Venturing Deep Into The Heart of — Texas Wine!

[November 12, 2017] Wine Lovers Tours:
Is “Very Good Texas Wines” an Oxymoron?

[November 11, 2017] The Wine Knitter:
Day 609 An Afternoon In Texas

New Zealand Wine Growers

[November 5, 2017] Sippity Sup:
Mapping Out Dinner: Scallops with Saffron Broth and Sautéed Fennel

[November 5, 2017] Sippity Sup:
Greywacke Wild Sauvignon 2015

[October 31, 2017] Vittles and Voyages:
Los Angeles–Maori dancers gave additional flavor to the New Zealand in a Glass wine event

[October 30, 2017] Spirit of Wine:
New Zealand in a Glass

Madeira Wine

Christie’s International Real Estate Magazine:
Life is Sweet

[July 19, 2017] Food and Wine:
Marinas Menu: Discover History with MADEIRA WINES

[June 24, 2017] Dame Wine:
Death by Madeira

[June 11, 2017] The WineKnitter:
Day 577 Madeira

[May 16, 2017]
Madeira Wine

[Jan 2017] Beverage Bulletin:
Madeira Tasting

[December 21, 2016] Wine Imbiber:
Madeira for the Holidays

[December 14, 2016] BottleNotes:
Great Bottles to Give Your Wine Lover

[December 11, 2016] Eat Something Sexy:
Madeira Wines –They’ll Get You In The Mood

[December 8, 2016] Vittles Vintages Voyages:
Beverly Hills–World wide Madeira wines have pleased for five centuries

[May/June 2012] Imbibe Magazine:
Rediscovering Maderia by Lance Mayhew

[March 2012] Splendid Table:
Patrick Comiskey Interviewed

Decouvertes du Rhone

AEVP Porto and Douro

[May 9, 2019] Neat Pour:
First Taste Sampling the Vintage 2017 Ports

[October 26, 2017] Thrillist:
10 Thanksgiving Getaways For A Long Weekend with Zero Drama

[Oct 13, 2017] Wine Club Miami:
Celebrating the Brotherhood of Port

[November 29, 2016] The Wine Economist:
The Name Game: Porto, Napa Diplomacy and the Fortified Wine Dilemma

[October 30, 2016] Matthew’s World of Wine & Drink:
Port and Douro

[November 13, 2016] The Cork Dork:
Wine with Pumpkin Pie: 20 Year Tawny in the Sweet Spot

[November 1, 2016]
Port and Douro DOC Wine Tasting

[November 2016] Ronald Mar’s Taste of the World:
Traditional Portugese Porto Enthrals The World For Centuries

Santa Barbara Road Trip LA

[February 12, 2018] Sommspirations:
Event Spotlight: Santa Barbara Winemaker’s Lunch @ Kali Restaurant

[August 2017] Wine Along the 101:
Santa Barbara Winemakers Road Trip to LA

[June 2017] Vittles, Vintages & Voyages:
Santa Barbara put on display wines from all six of its winegrowing areas

[June 5, 2017] LuxeBeat magazine:
Tasting Lucas & Lewellen Wines with Michael LewellenVittles Vintages & Voyages June 2017

[June 3, 2017] Darling Magazine:
Where to Wine in Santa Barbara: Part 2

[June 2, 2017] Darling Magazine:
Where to Wine in Santa Barbara: Part 1

[May 25, 2017] SoCal Pulse:
Plan A Perfect Weekend Getaway to Santa Barbara Wine Country

[May 2017] LuxeBeat magazine:
Sipping Brander Wines 71 Stories Above Los Angeles

[May 18, 2017] Wine Scene:
Santa Barbara Comes to Los Angeles

[May 18, 2017] Dine and Travel:
Santa Barbara Vintner – Brander Wines

[May 19, 2017] Dine and Travel:
Interview with Michael Lewellen of Lucas & Lewellyn Winery

[May 1, 2017] LuggageFree:
A Surprising California Wine Getaway that Isn’t Napa Valley

[April 13, 2017] LA Weekly:
Solvang: It’s Not Just the Place You Take Your Aunt When She’s in Town Anymore

[December 3, 2016] LuxeBeat magazine:
Five Elegant Chardonnay Wines from Santa Barbara

[November 2016] Wine Along The 101:
Santa Barbara Winemakers Road Trip: Bordeaux Varietals

[November 2016)] Wine Along The 101:
Santa Barbara Winemakers Road Trip: Rhone Varietals

[October 2016] Wine Along the 101:
Santa Barbara Winemakers Road Trip: Pinot Noir

[October 2016] Wine Along the 101:
Santa Barbara Winemakers Road Trip: Chardonnay

[July 5, 2016] Skylight Gardens:
In Our Own Backyard

[May 27, 2016] Table Conversations:
Santa Barbara Rhones Go On The Road

[May 26, 2016] Love Happy Hour:
Santa Barbara Vintners Road Trip: Los Angeles

[May 23, 2016] Now and Zin Wine:
Santa Barbara’s L.A. Road Trip: Chardonnay

[May 19, 2016] Gabe Saglie’s Blog
On the Road: Santa Barbara Vintners Descend on L.A.

[May 13, 2016] Santa Barbara Vintners
Bringing The Wild, Wacky And Wonderful To LA

Wines of Jura

[May 05, 2016]
The Strange and Wonderful Wines of Jura

[April 30, 2016] Wine Imbiber:
Wines of Jura

[April 26, 2016] Tasting Page:
France’s Unique Jura Wines

[April 21, 2016]
Wines of the Jura: Eastern France’s best kept secret

[April 21, 2016] Dine and Travel Blog:
Fabulous French Passion Jura Wines

[April 20, 2016] Vittles, Vintages and Voyages:
“Century City–The Passion Jura wine event showed interesting varietals and wines”

Wine Australia

[June 18, 2016] Advice Sisters:
Michael Jackson? Black or White? Wine from Greece and Australia

[May 23, 2016]
Australian Wines Coming On Strong

[May 03, 2016] Dine and Trave:
10 Most Drinkable Australian Wines

[April 04, 2016] Dallas Wine Chick:
Savour South Australia Wines: Old Vines, Classic Wines, Family Lines

[April 04, 2016] Red Rockin Blog: Savoring The Land Down Under with South Australian #Wine

[April 2016] Active Boomer Adventures:
South Australia Wine Tasting

[March 17, 2016] Texas Wineaux:
Savour South Australia Wines

Wines of Tejo

[May 24, 2015] The Fab Empire:
Review: Wines of Tejo Tasting at Barcelona

Wines of Naoussa

[August 9, 2017] Minnesota Girl in the World:
Xinomavro Wine: The Story of Naoussa

[July 27, 2017] Napa Valley Register:
The World in a Glass: A mysterious visitor

[July 19, 2015] Mariani’s Virtual Gourmet:
Greek Wines by Mort Hochstein

[June 2015] Eat Something Sexy:
Wines of Naoussa—a Greek Odyssey

[May 2015] Vittles, Vintages and Voyages –
Vol 23, No. 4

[May 15, 2015]
Xinomavro, the exceptional Greek wine

[April 15, 2015]
Tasting Wines of Northern Greece and Wines of Naoussa
Greek Wines 2015 – Los Angeles

[March 30, 2015]
Naoussa Shares Xinomavro wines with San Francisco

Wines of Provence

[May 2015] Vittles, Vintages and Voyages – Vol 23, No. 4

[May 10, 2015] Talk-A-Vino:
Seeing The World Through The Pink Glasses

[April 16, 2015] Gourmet Pigs:
Provence Rose Luncheon at Bar Boulud

[April 12, 2015] Advice Sisters:
Wines of Provence- Snow on the Ground but Spring in the Glass

[March 26, 2015]
Provence: It’s all about Rosé

[March 24, 2015] Edible Skinny:
Pretty In Pink: Wines of Provence

[March 16, 2015]
Boom Times for Provence Rose Wine

[March 12, 2015] Truth ‘n Wine:
Provence Wines Are “In the Pink”

[March 2015] Bottlenotes:
Regional Spotlight: Provence France

[March 2015] Vittles Voyages:
Beverly Hills–The wines of Provence showed well at L’Ermitage Tasting

[March 20, 2015] Art and Entertain Me:
Provence Winemakers Bring All Shades of Rosé to San Francisco

Slow Wine

Spain’s Great Match

[December 2014] Jerusalem Post: A Fiesta of Tapas and Wine

Wines of DO La Mancha

[September 10, 2014]
Quality Wines of La Mancha

[July 11, 2014]
Lunch and A Lot of La Mancha Wine

[June 30, 2014] Grape Expectations
No Windmills…Just Giants: Discover the D.O. Wines of La Mancha

[June 14, 2014]
I Would Re-DO La Mancha Wines: Tasting Spanish Wines from the Land of Don Quixote

[June 12, 2014]
Discover the D.O. Wines of La Mancha

[June 12, 2014] WineImbiber
DO La Mancha

Experience Ancient and Indigenous Varietals of Greece

[June 19, 2014]
The Thrilling Wines of Greece by Patricia Decker

[June 12, 2014] LA Times
Beyond Retsina: Modern Greek wines offer great value Written by S. Irene Virbila

[June 6, 2014]
Look for Greeks Bearing Grapes

Golden State of Cocktails 2014

2011 Vintage Port Tour

The Consorzio Chianti Tasting Los Angeles

[Summer 2013] Vittles Vintages & Voyages
What Could Be More Italian Than Chianti

[May 10, 2013]
Chianti Calling by Roberta Rinaldi

Drink Ribera

Vinum Sloventian and Croation Wine Tasting

[September 14, 2012]

Bodegas Riojanas

[July 14, 2012]

Viva Vino LA

Click here for Video Summary All That Sparkles Isn’t Champagne: Italy (July 2012) VIVA VINO LA: Doing Italia (May 2012)

9 Colonne The wines of Italy in Southern California (May 2012)

[May 2012] The West Beacon Ranch
A Little Tasting of Orange Wines and More

[May 2012] It’s Not All About Me Three Wine Events

[May 2012] Winemaker Carlo Ferrini and Domodimonti Wines

[May 2012]
Italian Wine: VIVA VINO LA 2012

[May 2012] Eve’s Wine 101
VIVA VINO LA TASTING: Italian Sparkling is not just Prosecco!

[May 2012] Florence Daily News
Viva Vino LA

[May 2011] Vini e Vino
VivaVinoLa: Los Angeles, the new star, the Italian native vines (May 2012)

[May 2012] Florence Daily News
Italy’s historical and thriving wine culture

[May 2011] LA Weekly
Viva Vino LA: Italian Wines Flood Los Angeles

[May 2011] Viva La Foodies
Leaning Sideways at Viva Vino LA

[May 2011] Daily Ovation
From the GrapeVine: Viva Vino LA

[May 2011] D-Cantor
Viva Vino LA

Wines of Veneto

[August 2011] Grape Smart Viva Veneto

[Sept 2011] Chicago Now He Sipped/She Sipped:
A Region to Try: The Wines of Veneto

[August 2011] Examiner The Wines of Veneto