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Make Every Day July 28 Every wine deserves a celebration! And, here is one for you that you can enjoy any day.....but especially enjoy it on 7-28! Why? Well, it's called Fiddlehead Cellars Fiddlestix Vineyard Pinot Noir 728, Sta. Rita Hills, that's why! Kathy Joseph Winemaker Kathy Joseph named the wine after mile marker 7.28, the location of Fiddlestix Vineyard in the Sta Rita Hills. Kathy wanted to pay tribute to an important place in the AVA Sta Rita Hills for Pinot Noir production. "728 is a name that I wanted everyone to celebrate worldwide," explained Kathy.
With the sun shining and National Tequila Day upon us, we combined the best of summer and clean, crisp blanco tequila to create some afternoon summer sippers. With all of the fresh fruit in the refrigerator, we played around and created two very refreshing drinks that were easy to make and even easier to drink! For our first cocktail, we muddled watermelon, mint and jalapeno and then added the juice of half of a lime, 2 oz of tequila and shook over ice and then strained into a glass. We opted not to add any additional sugar as the sweetness of the watermelon was just enough with the tartness of the lime and a hint of heat on the back. This drink was so light and refreshing that it was hard to believe it was alcoholic.