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Formosa Cafe Interior (2) Formosa Cafe Interior (5) Sitting on Santa Monica Blvd, on the corner of Formosa Avenue, is the Formosa Cafe. Located in a former Red Car Trolley, the Formosa has been a Hollywood hangout and a Los Angeles icon for 75 years. My grandparents went there in the 1940s and 1950s and my parents hung out there in the 1960s. Formosa Then when the movie Swingers came out in 1996, suddenly it was the place to be for myself and my post-college friends. The long space with low lighting, red leather booths and celebrities photos hanging on every possible space on the wall was just like when my grandparents and parents would go there.

This post originally appeared on FoodableTV.com A weekend of wine tasting is a great getaway. For approximately $15 per winery, you can taste a line-up of pre-selected wines. But, want to...