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As dietary restrictions become more and more mainstream, new restaurants have been opening to cater to these groups. In Los Angeles, vegan restaurants that serve contemporary cuisine and appeal even to meat eaters have been opening right and left (Crossroads, Gracias Madre, Sun Organic Cafe, The Gardarene Swine). So it only makes sense that Kosher restaurants would do the same. Ditmas "For those who want to keep kosher and teach their children to be kosher, they can't go to Marstro's or Bestia," Chef Alex Reznik explained. With a need for something contemporary in the kosher community, Chef Reznik opened Ditmas Kitchen & Cocktail on Pico Blvd, near Robertson Blvd, in the heart of the Orthodox community and kosher restaurants. Chef Alex Reznik, Pastry Chef Jeannine Nava, Chef du Cuisine John Villalba Chef Reznik named the restaurant Ditmas after the street that his grandma lived on in Brooklyn, NY. At Ditmas, he has created a restaurant that appeals to families and friends alike with a casual as well as a more formal side. When you walk into the restaurant, to the left is the casual bar area with warm wood tables, a bar, tv screens and a long communal table running down the center. To the right of the room is a more formal dining area with white linen tablecloths.

This post originally appeared on FoodableTV.com The world of wine is vast. There are over 10,000 different varieties of wine grapes and wine is made in more than 20 countries around...

We can find pizza almost anywhere we go and there are lots of styles of pizza - thin crust, thick crust, NY style, Chicago deep dish. But, my favorite of all is Italian style pizza. From the crust that is just crispy enough to the appropriate balance of tomato sauce and cheese, Italian pizza is perfection. Top it off with the individual size of an Italian pizza, it's a meal. But finding a proper Italian pizza in the US is not as easy as it sounds. There are lots of good pizza places out there but so many times the crust droops when you pick up the slice or the cheese and tomato sauce are just too much or too little. But, at Desano Pizzeria and Bakery, they are doing it just right. DeSano Pizza There are three locations in the US - Los Angeles, Charleston and Nashville. The Los Angeles location is in "East Hollywood" on Santa Monica Blvd just east of the 101 Fwy. If you live in LA, you might be thinking that there isn't much just east of the 101. True. It's a lot of warehouses but inside on of those warehouses is where Desano is located.