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Fans of the 22 Rhone varieties — bourboulenc, camarese, carignane, cinsault, clairette blanc, clairette rose, counoise, grenache blanc, grenache gris, grenache noir, marsanne, mourvedre, muscardin, muscat a petits grains, picpoul...

Last year at Pebble Beach Food and Wine, I attended a seminar featuring a vertical tasting of the first growth of Royal Tokaji. This was by far the “tasting of a lifetime” and one that could never be repeated. However, the great thing about wine is that there are many “tastings of a lifetime,” those times when the lineup of wines is like no other, cannot be duplicated and only in your wildest imagination would you have thought about it. And that is what happened at the ninth annual Pebble Beach Food and Wine event. Tete du Cuvee Rose - Exploring Rose The weekend started with a tasting of Tete du Cuvee Rose Champagne. Exploring this more robust style of Champagne, I thought life was really good at this point as I sat with glasses of pink bubbles in front of me from the following producers: