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Who doesn't love Champagne!?! I know I do. There are so many brands out there.....well-known ones and lesser-known ones. It is always fun to try new brands and recently, while at Pebble Peach Food & Wine, I was introduced to a new brand - Champagne Legras & Haas, which I wrote about in the Napa Valley Register and share here.

As a lover of Champagne, and all sparkling wines for that matter, I can never pass up a glass of bubbles. So, as I wandered around the opening night party at Pebble Beach Food & Wine, I found myself stopping at every table that was pouring Champagne.

Money. It is a subject that we are taught not to talk about. We are not supposed to ask how much someone makes and then we learn that women make less than men. We, women, that is, are all the more unaccustomed to speaking about money. It can be an uncomfortable topic but three self-made entrepreneurial women are trying to change that. They have created Stacks House, a pop-up with a purpose, and it is the Please The Palate pick of the week.

As a small business owner, it can be challenging. Over almost eight years of owning my own business, I have learned a lot. I have had a lot of support and am lucky to be surrounded by family and friends who have given advice. I have felt fortunate to have a few women friends who also own their own businesses who have offered me advice and guidance along the way, and I have tried to do the same for others as well.