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If you like the heat, Palm Springs is the perfect weekend getaway. The day may be spent by the pool, but as the sun starts to set, the temperature drops just a bit and, if you are lucky, a warm breeze starts to blow. It's nice to sit outside for a bite to eat and a drink. Located in the front of the Hyatt Hotel in Palm Springs, HooDoo is that spot. Grab a seat in the shade, watch the people walk by on Palm Canyon Drive, listen to live music (on Saturday nights) and enjoy the open air. HooDoo at the Hyatt Palm Springs We started with a few drinks, like the Palm Springs Hibiscus Cooler (silver tequila, hibiscus liqueur, cucumber soda, cucumber garnish), the Golden State Fig (lemon vodka, ginger liqueur, orange juice, fig preserves, saffron bitters, soda water) and the White Sangria. The drinks are made with fresh ingredients and are on the sweet side. Our favorite was the non-alcoholic Cool as a Cucumber (lemonade, cucumber soda and mint) which is perfectly refreshing on a hot day.
In order to please the palate, I eat out a lot! And, I eat a lot of really good food. In order to not feel guilty when I indulge, I make sure to workout regularly. So, it was a perfect fit when I was invited to the inaugural event for Allison Hagendorf's new “FIT TO FEAST” Event Series. Allison Hagendorf Allison Hagendorf is a certified Health Coach whose work focuses on nutrition, fitness and behavior modification. Her website is called Fit to Feast and it follows her "fit to feast" lifestyle that is about finding the balance that works for you, so you can be fit and eat up life.