Get Fit and Then Feast with Allison Hagendorf at the Hotel Erwin in Venice

In order to please the palate, I eat out a lot! And, I eat a lot of really good food. In order to not feel guilty when I indulge, I make sure to workout regularly. So, it was a perfect fit when I was invited to the inaugural event for Allison Hagendorf’s new “FIT TO FEAST” Event Series.

Allison Hagendorf

Allison Hagendorf is a certified Health Coach whose work focuses on nutrition, fitness and behavior modification. Her website is called Fit to Feast and it follows her “fit to feast” lifestyle that is about finding the balance that works for you, so you can be fit and eat up life. 

Allison Hagendorf and Fit to Feast

Allison’s “Fit to Feast” mantra turned event series, takes place the first Saturday of each month from 10am-12pm at the Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach. For $45, guests start with a 20 minute sweat session on the beach followed by a satiating brunch menu prepared by Chef Adam Stuedel of the Hotel Erwin.

Fit to Feast

The 20 minute sweat session is an intense period of squats, sprints, push-ups and more. But, Allison proves that it’s not about how long you work out, but how effective and intensive you work out. The 20 minutes we spent on the beach is far more effective in burning calories and speeding up metabolism than sitting on the treadmill, bike or elliptical machine for an hour or more. Plus the workout that we did on the beach is something that can be done in your home or a hotel room. Great tips for someone like me who travels a lot and can find 20 minutes to work out but not an hour while on the road.

Fit To Feast 20 minute workout

Once we were sweaty, and sandy, we returned to the Hotel Erwin where we enjoyed egg dishes and potatoes and fruit. After a good workout, a healthy but tasty meal, full of protein is what is needed. It’s not about green juices and calorie counting. It’s about enjoying.

Hotel Erwin Hotel Erwin Hotel Erwin Hotel Erwin

It is refreshing to meet a health coach who likes to eat and who encourages others to do the same. And, there really isn’t a better way to spend a Saturday morning than on the beach with the sun shining and the waves crashing.

Venice Beach

Don’t miss the next Fit to Feast event! Mark your calendar for the 1st Saturday of the month and get ready! To sign up for future dates, click here.