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Drinking a glass of Krug Champagne is aspirational, sitting down for a dinner of Krug Champagne is beyond my wildest dreams. But, my dreams came true as I enjoyed a delicious meal at 71 Above in downtown LA, paired with more than a dozen bottles of Krug Champane which I wrote about in the Napa Valley Register and am sharing here.

Exclusive. Aspirational. Hedonistic. Revered. Indulgent. Pleasure. These are just some of the words that come to mind when I think about Krug Champagne. In fact, ask any Champagne collector, or lover, to name a brand that is respected the world over and they will likely answer Krug.

I have had the pleasure to taste Krug Champagne on a couple of occasions. Mind you, it was just a taste of the Grand Cuvee or the Rosé, but even with those tastes, I cherished every sip.

In 2018, Maude Restaurant shifted the concept to highlight wine regions around the world. They covered Rioja, Burgundy, Central Coast, Piemonte in 2018 and started 2019 with Western Australia. When the Maude team picks their next location, the team (chefs and wine team) travel together for an immersive trip. They do this trip in secret as they do not let us, the customers, know what the next region is until one month prior to its launch. To date, most of the regions have been quite a distance from Los Angeles and the team has slipped away for up to a week to explore the region. For the April - June menu, Maude ventured to Sonoma County. Sonoma, with its proximity to the Russian River and sixty miles of California coastline, was the inspiration for the spring menu.The team flew up on a Saturday night after service and spent a whirlwind weekend in Sonoma where they foraged, fished and learned about fermentation. They then created a menu retelling their experience to us. Back in March, I attended an "Off the Menu" meal at Maude which was a sort of research and development of the Sonoma menu. Looking back and comparing the menus, I see the evolution of most of these dishes but for the Sonoma menu, the dishes were perfected and delicious. Our meal began with the Biodynamic Preparation. Inspired by a visit to the winery Littorai, where winemaker Ted Lemon farms biodynamically, there were five small bites displayed on a wood and wire tray, similar to what is used in biodynamic farming. The amuses included an oyster with yarro root, tempura stinging nettle, ramps, soft kogi panna cotta and sourdough bread with oak bark butter.