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I was telling a friend that I had a great meal at an Italian restaurant the other day. He asked me where and I told him that it was on San Vicente Blvd. in Brentwood (West LA). He asked me where exactly and I explained that it is west of Barrington on the south side of the street and next to a toy store. He responded that he needed to know exactly where to go because "there is another Italian restaurant on that street as far as you can spit." Driving down San Vicente Blvd in Brentwood, you might think that you were in a "Little Italy" of sorts. I counted at least ten Italian Restaurants on San Vicente, plus more on just north on Sunset Blvd. The newest of these restaurants, Adoteca, opened last December.  Adoteca

When I say Bordeaux, you think wine, right? But, now you can also think cocktails! L'Alchimiste is Bordeaux's first classic cocktail bar. Open less than a year, it was voted in...

There are a lot of cultural clashes throughout the world but four young chefs are proving that food is something that unites us. Meet four friends (two couples) who are from different places in the world - Gil Elad (Israel), Ayako Ota (Japan), Laura Eyrin (New Caledonia) and Arnaud Lahaut (France/Vietnam) - who work in synergy to create amazing flavors. Miles Restaurant Ayako Ota, Gil Ehad, Arnaud Lahaut (Laura Eyrin not pictured) These four chefs, who are all in their thirties, met at culinary school in Paris. After going separate ways and working in fine dining kitchens around the world, they came to Bordeaux to open their own restaurant, Miles. The name refers to the international unit of length.....which also ties back to their international roots.