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We must all take care of the communities that we live in. We should live sustainable lives. We should do good in our lives. These are challenges that we can undertake as individuals and as businesses and one business doing that is Long Meadow Ranch in Napa Valley. You can read about the family-owned business that does all of things in my recent column in the Napa Valley Register, and republished below.

On Main Street in St. Helena is Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch. From a coffee in the morning to a tasting in the afternoon to a dinner at night, it’s a one-stop shop. And with it comes sustainability and health, supporting the community and doing good.

Heading to brunch with a friend recently, we went to Commerson located in mid-Wilshire. Situated on La Brea Blvd, on the corner of 8th Street, one block south of Wilshire Blvd., Commerson has been open for two years but has gone under-the-radar. It is located in the southern corner of a large multi-use building and yet it went unnoticed. So, I am quite happy that I have now noticed it! Open for dinner Tuesday - Sunday, Commerson is open for brunch on the weekends. While the outside doesn't look anything more than a suburban cafe, inside the space is open and bright. It is modern with light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, flat screen televisions behind the bar and minimal decor.
Traveling to Sonoma County, I have found myself staying at the Vintners Inn in Santa Rosa on numerous occasions. A luxury hotel located on a vineyard trail, the Vintners Inn has the feel of a villa in Italy. The rooms are warm and spacious and always inviting. But, on my most recent visit, I stayed in one of the newest rooms at the Vintners Inn and that is why it is the Please The Palate pick of the week. The Vintners Inn is situated on 98 acres and is owned by Rhonda Carano of Ferrari Carano Winery. In 2016, the property underwent a renovation which added 34 rooms, for a total of 78 guestrooms and suites spread across five two-story villas.