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After an event at Mission Wines and Spirits in Altadena, a friend who lives in the area suggested that we try a new neighborhood spot that had just opened around the corner. To be honest, I didn't expect much. Given that the area has a few strip malls and very few restaurants, I was just hoping to have a decent meal. But, was I in for a surprise! ALTAeats is a new neighborhood destination. 20130523_213623 ALTAeats is owned by Chef Paul Ragan, who previously worked at Derek's Bistro in Pasadena. Ragan was trained at the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan and he and his wife and co-owner Angela Visca also used to run a restaurant in Madrid. The classical training, coupled with the years spent in Spain, are reflected in the menu at ALTAeats which offers plates that are meant to be shared. 20130523_215436

Chambers and Chambers Wine Merchants, representing family-owned and operated wineries, is celebrating 40 years this year. Began in 1973, their portfolio includes wines from California, Washington, Oregon, Argentina, France and...

When I was invited to check out the new restaurant Crossroads, in the old Philippe space on Melrose, I was told two things. First, Beverage Director Jeremy Lake is doing the cocktails (Jeremy worked at Rivera and Playa previously and I was excited to check out his new place). Second, it's a vegan restaurant. 8749340078_9fddbd2bf4 I love my vegetables but I especially love cheese, butter, ice cream.....and of course, meat. So naturally I was a bit hesitant about going out to dinner at a vegan restaurant. Would I be satisfied with the flavors? Well, as a proud omnivore, I must say, if I hadn't been told, I would never have known that Crossroads was a vegan restaurant. The cocktails were excellent as was the food (and very satisfying).