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The people of New Orleans take their food seriously.  They love food. They love to eat. They love to fry. And when it comes to frying, they do it better than anyone! It is just as easy to eat your way through New Orleans as it is to drink your way through it. And eat our way through it, we did!  Here are some food highlights.
Nothing tastes better than food that is fresh off the farm. The colors and flavors are like nothing you get at a supermarket. So, while on a recent trip up the coast of California, we spent a couple days at the beautiful Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay. While there, Sean Eastwood, chef de cuisine of Navio Restaurant, invited us for a Farm-to-Table day. In the morning, we visited the Coastside Farmers Market, a farmer-directed Certifed Market designed to link Coastside residents with the Coastside farmers, ranchers, fishermen and culinary artisans for the past 10 years. All products are from within 20 miles of the market and many of these local farms are recovering varieties of fruits and vegetables which are disappearing.