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Advice is given to use by many people in our lives. Our parents, our teachers, our mentors, friends and strangers can share a few words that can impact us for ever. Perhaps these are words we heed on a daily basis or we try to integrate into our lifestyle. What advice do you carry with you? In my recent column in the Napa Valley Register I shared some of the advice that winemakers have shared with me when interviewing them for the Wine Soundtrack podcast. Perhaps you have been given some of the same advice or perhaps some of these words will inspire you. Either way, may this be a wonderful new year! ************** When I was a little girl, my mom said something to me that I would never forget. I was nervous about going to a party and whether I would know people and have fun. She told me that you make your own good time. I could go with a negative attitude and would likely not have fun. Or I could go with a positive attitude and see what would happen.
This advice is something that I have carried with me throughout my life, and I approach everything I do with a positive attitude and an open mind.
I have been traveling to Napa Valley a lot recently. And, each time, I find myself hanging out in downtown Napa. With so many incredible restaurants, wine bars and new hotels, downtown Napa is thriving and quite a destination. I shared some of my tips on where to eat, drink and sleep in downtown Napa in California Winery Advisory and you can also read it here.

Exploring Downtown Napa – Where to Eat, Drink and Sleep

Napa Valley is 30 miles long and 5 miles wide. For decades, downtown Napa, Napa Valley’s largest city, and the county seat, was bypassed for more upscale experiences in Yountville, St. Helena and Calistoga. But, over the last decade, the city of Napa has undergone a revitalization that has made it a destination of its own. There are hotels, restaurants and tasting rooms that line the streets that make downtown Napa an exciting place to visit and explore. In the heart of downtown Napa is First Street Napa, a 325,000 square-foot development that covers three square blocks. It is home to retail stores, restaurants, and offices, as well as the 183-room boutique Archer Hotel Napa. At five stories, with an additional sixth-floor rooftop bar and pool, the Archer Hotel is the tallest building in Napa.