What Does Pinot Noir Mean To You?

Ahhhhh…….Pinot Noir. Just saying those two works can make most wine lovers swoon. But what is it about Pinot Noir that so many love?

A fickle grape that requires optimum growing conditions, Pinot Noir is typically a lighter-medium bodied, fruit-forward red wine. Originally the noble red grape of Burgundy, Pinot Noir is grown today in Oregon, California, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, France, Spain, Germany and Italy.

When Pinot Days Southern California came to Los Angeles, bringing more than 40 Pinot Noir producers for an afteroon of tasting, I thought is was a good chance to ask some winemakers, and others, what Pinot Noir means to them.

Craig Camp, Cornerstone Cellars, Oregon – “Pinot Noir lifts your spirits. It’s a mood enhancer and beautiful with a meal. Pinot is an intellectual game.”

Craig Camp, Cornerstone Cellars

Elliott Dolin, Dolin Family Cellars – “Pinot, to me, is elegance and refinement.”

Elliott Dolin, Dolin Family Cellars

Gray Hartley, Hitching Post Wines – “Pinot Noir is like a woman. When you listen to it, respect it and don’t force it, it gives you so much more than when you disrespect it, are forceful and don’t listen. Be patient and listen to Pinot.”

Gray Hartley, Hitching Post Wines

Ken Brown, Ken Brown Wines – “It is the perfect glass of wine for when I just get home and am about to relax with a glass of wine in hand.”

Ken Brown, Ken Brown Wines

Dan Kessler, Kessler-Haak Wines – “Pinot is elegant, refined, fruity and earthy. It makes me think of food – lamb or beef bourguignon.”

Dan Kessler, Kessler-Haak Wines

Adam Lee, Siduri Wines – “Pinot makes me think of my mom. She grew up on a farm and could tell which field a cow was in by the taste of the milk that day. Pinot Noir reflects where it comes from.”

Adam Lee, Siduri Wines

Dan Richert, FEL Wines – “Pinot means home to me. It is the grape of the region I am from [Anderson Valley]. It is light, fruity, complex and delicious.”

Dan Richert, FEL Wines

George Skorka, Wine Consultant – “When an intellectual woman looks in the mirror, they see Pinot Noir. It is elegant, feminine and vibrant.”

George Skorka

David Strada, New Zeland Wine Growers – “Pinot makes me sit up straight, smile and think of a wine that I want to taste and drink again and again.”

David Strada, New Zealand Wine Growers

Glen Knight, The Wine House – “Pinot Noir means life is good.”

Glen Knight, The Wine House

Rickey Trombetta, Trombetta Family Wines – “Pinot is synonymous with food.”

Erica Stancliff, Trombetta Family Wines – “Pinot makes me think of satin – soft with substance.”

Dan Fredman, Dan Fredman PR – “There are few wines that one gets excited by. Pinot is one of them.”

Rickey Trombetta, Erica Stancliff, Dan Fredman, Trombetta Family Wines