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Need a bottle or two of wine for dinner tonight? Want to learn about wine? Where are you picking up your next bottle of wine? Where is the best place...

Anything you think about chocolate will be changed after trying Peluso Chocolate from Sicily. This special chocolate is not just about eating chocolate, it is about eating a story. And Peluso Chocolate is the Please The Palate pick of the week. Peluso chocolate is called chocolate "made in the cold." This recipe was created in 1746 in the southern city of Modica in Sicily and has been made the same way ever since. The cocoa seeds are ground and mixed with sugar. Those are the only two ingredients! There is no butter or oil or milk added. The processing is done at a low temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. By processing it at a low temperature, the healing properties of the cocoa are maintained (they are typically lost when the temperatures reach more than 104 degrees). The healing properties of cocoa are tannins, which have antioxidants and blood pressure regulators. That means that this chocolate has benefits for cardiovascular health, antibacterial protection and safeguards against viral diseases. Flavanoids (which offer protection against tumors) ensure better liver function and help strengthen immune defenses to fight free radicals.
This story originally appeared in California Winery Advisor. The 14.7 mile stretch from Downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica can be the bane of existence for many Angelenos. While at the right time of day, it can take as little as twenty minutes to get across the city, it typically takes closer to an hour (or more). The 10 Freeway turns us all into inchworms who slowly crawl across the city. metro-line-image-large In May 2016, the Expo Line opened. The Expo Line is Los Angeles’ long-awaited metro line running from Downtown LA to Santa Monica. From one end to the other, the metro will take forty-seven minutes to cross the city. Of course, it could be faster at times to take a car, but if you take the metro, you can sit back and relax, send emails and watch the traffic as you pass by. Or, you can hop off and on the metro as you visit wine bars along the Expo Line. No matter whether you start from Downtown or Santa Monica, there are wine bars within walking distance from six of the eighteen stops along the Expo Line. So grab your walking shoes and your Tap Card and start drinking! Los Angeles wine tasting by train, what could be less likely and more fun than this.