The Great Whisk(e)y Debate 2013…..on a Train

Great Whisk(e)y Debate

What happens when you fill a train car with bartenders and representatives from four countries that produce whisk(e)y? The Great Whisk(e)y Debate….on a Train 2013! It started earlier this summer in various cities, culminating in July at Tales of the Cocktail when Fred Noe (Master Distiller, Beam Bourbons), Simon Brooking (Master Ambassador, Scotch Whisky), Kieran Folliard (Chief Irish Whiskey Ambassador, USA) and Dan Tullio (Master Ambassador, Canadian Whisky) hosted a Spirited Dinner to debate the merits of Knob Creek, Laphroaig, Kilbeggan and Canadian Club whisk(e)y. Insults were slung, in an entertaining and hilarious manner, as each representative laid claims as to why their whisk(e)y was the better one. By the end of the night, after all the whisk(e)y drinking, it is hard to say who the winner was as the room seemed to be equally divided.

Simon Brooking and Pedro Shanahan, education specialist at Seven Grand in
Los Angeles, decided to continue the debate…..but this time on a train! “It was
something that no one has done and it was a fun way to learn,” explained April
Gallegos, Distillery Specialist – Super Premium Brands, Beam Global. Simon
Brooking and Dan Tullio were joined by Irish Whiskey Ambassador Jennifer Graham and Bour-Bon Vivant and Bourbon Ambassador North America, Adam Harris. They boarded the Silver Splendor, a vintage restored train originally built in 1956, along with a handful of Los Angeles’ bartending community. Sitting in the Vista Dome Lounge-Dining Car with a glass-enclosed rooftop observation room, the train departed from Los Angeles to San Diego and the debate was underway.

One by one, they discussed the history, impact and uniqueness of their brand.
“It’s a great way to gain knowledge of the brands in a fun and engaging way,
showcasing each brand and what makes them so special,” Gallegos continued. Of course, their goal was to explain why their brand is the best but a few insults were thrown along the way as well, of course, all in good fun.

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