Meet Pep Katcher, Owner of Cruz Tequila

Meet Pep Katcher, one of the owners of Cruz Tequila. We sat down in New Orleans where Pep told me the story of Cruz Tequila as we tasted through the soft, elegant tequilas.

Cruz Tequila was created eight years ago when Pep, his brother Saulo, and friend Todd Nelson declared that they could make better tequila than the one they happened to be drinking.  With no knowledge of the manufacturing aspects of tequila, they were determined to build a brand from scratch that would represent a flavor profile that was soft, smooth and approachable.

Pep and Saulo, who live in Arizona, grew up in the Mexican Highlands around Jalisco. They returned to Mexico to learn about how to make tequila. Cruz Tequila is a family project, which extends to family members who grow the agave plants and run manufacturing plants. They spent three years creating the flavor profile they wanted and today produce award winning tequilas.

Cruz Tequila Silver – A sparkling clear product, the Silver has flavors of agave, earthiness, citrus and spice, with a creamy finish.

Cruz Tequila Reposado – Aged in American oak whiskey barrels for 6 months, the Reposado has notes of floral and sweet agave and flavors of caramel and vanilla.

Cruz Tequila Anejo – Aged for  16 months in American Oak Whiskey barrels, the Anejo is a light golden color and is not over-oaked. The agave notes stand out, along with tropical notes of papaya and pineapple and there is a hint of caramel sweetness.

Cruz Tequila produces under 10,000 bottles per year.  It is made is small batches and each bottle of Cruz Tequila is hand numbered.It is all natural – 100% blue agave naturally fermented, bottled with eco-friendly recycled materials and the closures and crosses are made from 100% recycled materials.

Cruz Tequilas are agreeable, not aggressive.  All three styles are smooth and soft. These are beautiful tequilas whose flavors don’t need to be buried. To really enjoy them, add a few drops of water and watch how they open up. You will want to sit, sip and savor.