Please The Palate Pick of the Week: Matcha on-the-go with David’s Tea Matcha Maker

With hectic days filled with non-stop work, I have to remind myself to take a deep breath regularly. Stretching classes are part of my weekly routine to help keep me centered and focused. So, when I was invited to a morning yoga and meditation class followed by a matcha tea tasting, I could not say no. Not even morning traffic would stop me as I traveled across the city to Wanderlust Hollywood for a morning of meditation and matcha. Before and after class, I enjoyed a variety of matchas from the new matcha collection from David’s Tea, all served in David’s Tea Matcha Maker. This handy, portable matcha maker let’s you make matcha on-the-go and is the Please The Palate Pick of the Week.

With 200 stores in Canada and 50 stores in US, Montreal-based David’s Tea just turned 10 years old. Each store serves 150 different teas at any given time, as well as 15 matchas. One of the newest collections is the Matcha Collection. The collection includes the Golden Tumeric Matcha, made with tumeric and black pepper balance with dried coconut water, the Wild Honey Matcha, the Green Apple Kombucha with tart green apple, kombucha, spicy ginger and a dusting stone-ground green tea, and the Matcha Ice Cream with green tea, white chocolate and almonds. There really is a matcha for everyone!

These teas all boast the benefits of matcha, including anti-oxidants and energy. As I sipped my cups of iced tea, I marveled that I wish I would make it like this at home. And low and behold, I can with the David’s Tea Matcha Maker. This cool innovation is made of shatter-resistant Tritain and is the fastest, easiest way to make perfect matcha green tea on the go! No whisks or anything else required. This five-piece travel mug is ingeniously designed. All you need is matcha and warm water and then shake, shake, shake. Drink it warm or add ice and you are ready to go. And, the Matcha Maker also comes with a shaker attachment for matcha and a tea infuser for loose tea.

Whatever tea you are in the mood for, you can make it on the go.

So, now when I head out for my stretch classes or practice deep breathing exercises to alleviate stress, I can also enjoy a cup of matcha on the go with my Matcha Maker. I see my physiological and psychological stresses reducing and my cognition improving and I am loving my David’s Tea Matcha Maker, the Please The Palate pick of the week.