Meet Cocktail Academy And Their New “Apartment A”

Located in an un-assuming building in the Arts District of Downtown LA, across the street from local market Urban Radish, Cocktail Academy has moved in. Enter the old-style, brick building to Apartment A (#107) and what’s inside will transport you to another world.

This new world of Cocktail Academy is the creation of three local LA guys (who have also spent time in the cocktail world in New York) – Max Kestenbaum, Matt Landes and Brandyn Tepper. The three of them met when they worked together at 41 Ocean, a private members only club in Santa Monica.

Matt who has a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, also worked at the Montage Beverly Hills. Max first started bartending in New York while in college and currently can be found behind the bar at Sassafras in Hollywood. Brandyn can be found behind the bar at Hinoki and the Bird in Century City where he oversees the bar program for David Meyer’s restaurant. All three of them exude passion and positive energy; they are friendly and inviting. This is the next generation of bar owners/bartenders and they are ready to go.

The first project of Cocktail Academy is Apartment A, a loft dedicated to experimentation, cocktail development and private events and dinners. The space has a warm and “homey” feel. Plants and foliage cover the majority of the exposed red-brick walls and ceiling and the antique furniture evokes as feeling of prohibition.

Apartment A is the perfect space for a small group or a reception up to 50 people. With a full kitchen and bar, anything is possible. Apartment A will also be open to the public for weekly Wednesday events or dinners. Here are two upcoming events:

January 8th (9:00pm – 12:00am) – Bourbon Bash ($60pp)

January 25th (12:30-3:00 pm) – Cocktail Academy Presents: Whiskey ($75pp)
Join Cocktail Academy for their first Cocktail Class. Learn about the history of whiskey, how it’s distilled, the differences between whiskeys and cocktails.

Information about the events and tickets will be available under the “guests” tab on the Apartment A website.

Apartment A
652 Mateo Street #107
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Although Apartment A‘s address is on Mateo Street, the official entrance is on Jesse Street, around the corner.  Look for the billowing white curtains and climb up the steps to enter.  But, if you want to enter through the building’s front door, can you do that as well… #107.

Cocktail Academy‘s next project is to open a bar, called Academy. We eagerly anticipate its opening but in the meantime will plan frequent trips to Apartment A.