Pour Vous Introduces A New Cocktail Menu…And A New Bar Manager

Pour Vous, the Parisian-themed lounge by the Houston Brothers, has a new Bar Manager, Francois Vera. Francois, who has previously honed his craft cocktail skills at at Cole’s, Harvard and Stone and Chateau Marmot, joined Pour Vous and recently launched his new cocktail menu.


The menu consists of classic cocktails (ie. Sazerac, French 75), some original favorites from past menus (ie. Moulin Rouge), and of course, Francois’ new creations.

Le Resistance ($13) – Fords Gin, Dolin Blanc Vermouth, Yellow Chartreuse, Citrus Oil – A crisp cocktail with an herbaceous note is the perfect drink to start with.

L’Aphrodisiac ($12) – Cabeza Tequila, Mezcal, Chareau Aloe Vera, Lime Juice, Orgeat, Cucumber – The mezcal comes across in the nose, but not on the palate. Rather, the lime and cucumber dominate this cocktail.

Puff-Puff Pastis ($12) – Plymouth Gin, Ricard Pastis, Amontillado Sherry, Orgeat, Mint – This anise-flavored cocktail was one of my favorites of the night. The sherry added a nice contrast to the creamy licorice flavor.

Uisce Buck ($12) – Jameson Black Barrel Whiskey, Lemon Juice, Ginger, Soda – If you like ginger, this is the drink for you.  But, be careful as this drink goes down a little too easy.

Remember The Maine ($14) – Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey, Cherry Heering, Carpano Antico Vermouth, Pernod Absinthe – This cocktail is not for the weary. It is big, bold and strong.

Pour Vous
5574 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90004
(323) 871-8699