Saint James Cuvee 1765 – Celebrating 250 Years!

Most of us probably don’t know the historical happenings of 1765. But here is one thing that happened in 1765: Reverend Father Edmund Lefebure, Superior of the Convent of the Brothers of Charity and a skilled alchemist, created the rum which was given the English name Saint James in order to make it easier to sell to the New England settlers. A pioneer in the industry, Saint James was the first rum to create vintage specific blends and designed a square bottle to maximize storage and minimize breakage on long sea voyages. Even a volcano in Martinique in 1902 couldn’t completely destroy one of the oldest rum brands.

Saint James Cuvee 1765

To celebrate its 250th anniversary this year, Saint James Rum has released a special commemorative bottling. This special Saint James Cuvée 1765, an homage to the original 1765 style, is a blend of six vintages that together recreate the style of rum of that year.

Saint James, made from the fresh juice of  sugarcane from Sainte-Marie, is a Rhum Agricole AOC of Martinique. In fact, Martinique has the only rum AOC (appellation controllée) in the world.

Saint James Cuvee 1765

The rum is a golden amber color with butterscotch notes. It is smooth and elegant with a little spice on the finish.

Happy 250th Anniversary! Here’s to another 250 years!