Root Down: Better Food and Nutrition Education

Most of us are very fortunate that we have access to local farmers markets and fresh vegetables. We know how good fresh vegetables are for us, as well as how good they taste. But, not everyone knows this and it is important to convince people that fresh, whole foods can be incorporated into daily life and should replace processed foods.

Root Down LA

Root Down LA is a non-profit that is focused on just this! Building what they call “Youth-driven Neighborhood Food Systems”, they create ways in which residents can get involved. For eight years, Root Down LA has created a demand for healthy food through a variety of community events, youth-trainings and hands-on classes that get people excited to eat their veggies. First, students take a look at the fast food they eat, then they compare the pricing and economics of buying local versus store-brand. Students learn how to dissect the ingredients listed and look for hidden sugars. They are then taught how to cook tasty dishes and in the end, they learn to like vegetables.

Root Down Garden Installs

Root Down LA also plants central educational gardens near schools and within neighborhoods so that they are accessible. The food that is grown is available for the community through neighborhood pop-up farm stands, cooking classes and in exchange with neighbors who bring food scraps for the compost.

A recent event at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles brought together like-minded companies that support organic and sustainable products, such as Jardesca, Whole Foods and Farm Fresh Direct. The event ended with a farm-to-table dinner catered by Jennie Cooks Catering and featured veggies grown in the Root Down South LA gardens. The kids who are working hard to change the food landscape in their neighborhoods were also on hand.


Root Down LA is a  non-profit that is focused on doing good in our community. When more people become invested in growing, cooking, and eating healthy food, it helps assure the sustainable impacts for years to come. They rely on grants and support to cover their annual costs. For as little as $10, you can help them reach their goal. To donate, click here.