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Please The Palate Summer 2024 Newsletter

For some, the number 13 is an unlucky number, for others, it is a lucky number. I would like to believe it is a lucky number for me as this month marks the 13th anniversary of Please The Palate!

As we enjoy the summer months (and I hope everyone is keeping cool), I barely have time to write this. Since the beginning of May, I have been on the road non-stop and I am not stopping anytime soon! I traveled to Italy for three weeks in May and then immediately hit the road for the month of June to Santa Ynez (twice) and Paso Robles to visit wineries for the Slow Wine Guide 2025. I also judged two wine competitions, the Central Coast Wine Competition in Paso Robles and the Critics Challenge in San Diego.

On the event front, the 22nd annual Vintage Hollywood Food and Wine Event benefiting GO Campaign took place in early June. Twenty wineries and 10 restaurants joined us as we raised more than $200,000.

And the end of June was the inaugural Festival of Forgotten Grapes! The event was a huge success! More than 200 people attended and tasted 130+ different wines from 38 wineries. Celebrating the “forgotten grapes”, the event featured 70 unique varieties! Stay tuned for the announcement of the 2nd annual festival!

And because there is no rest for the wicked, I was on a plane back to Italy immediately after the event to explore the North Adriatic wine regions. I have returned just in time to send the Please The Palate Summer 2024 Newsletter before I head out again for more Slow Wine Guide 2025 and Wine Soundtrack podcast interviews.


Upcoming monthly virtual wine events:

Forgotten Grapes Monthly Virtual Tastings with Winemakers 

There are more than 3500 wineries in California. That is a lot of wineries. Many of these wineries are small, family-owned businesses making anywhere from 500-5000 cases. At Please The Palate, owner Allison Levine loves to seek out these small producers and introduce them to friends through stories and events. Each month, in partnership with Chris Kern of Forgotten Grapes, we will offer 4 wines for $109 from one of these incredible producers. You will also be invited to our virtual tasting with the owner or winemaker on the second Thursday of each month.

Upcoming Dates:

August offering:
Outward Wines (Santa Ynez)
1 white wine + 1 rose wine + 2 red wines
$109 + tax ($128 value)

September offering:
The Grenachista Wine Co (Sonoma)
1 white wine + 1 rose wine + 2 red wines
$109 + tax ($128 value)

October offering:
Vega Vineyard and Farm (Santa Ynez)
1 white wine + 1 rose wine + 2 red wines
$109 + tax ($ value)

If you are interested, please email me at to let me know you would love to receive one of the $109 bundles (plus shipping if out of the Los Angeles area).

Forgotten Grapes is not a club and there is no commitment. Each month, a bundle of wines will be offered for a special price. If you are interested, you can order them. I’ll take your credit card and delivery information and will charge your card. If you live in Southern California, delivery is FREE and will be personally delivered to you (contactless). If you live beyond Southern California, wines can be shipped – $25 in California and $30 outside of California to the Western States (AZ, NV, OR, ID). For additional states, please contact us.

For a complete list of upcoming events, visit the Events Calendar on

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