Please The Palate Pick of the Week: Coravin Wine Preservation System Model Six

Coravin Wine Preservation System. I have seen wine sales reps use them. I have watched my wine writer friends use them when they had to do a tasting of numerous wines. I have seen sommeliers use them for special wines that they do not want to open for a single pour or two. And all the while, I have longed for one for myself. And now I have one! The Coravin Wine Preservation System Model Six is the Please The Palate Pick of the Week.

Over the years, I have amassed a lot of wine. But, I have found two challenges. As I live alone, sometimes I did not want to open a bottle of wine for a single glass of wine. Knowing how often I would travel and go out, many times I would open a bottle of wine and then it would sit in my refrigerator for more than a week before I would be able to drink it again and then all I could do was cook with it. Because of this, I rarely wanted to open a special bottle unless I knew I would be able to drink it all.

The other issue is that sometimes for work, I need to open a few bottles at a time for a tasting. I have always felt it was such as waste to open 4, 5, 6 or more bottles at a time just to taste them all at once.

But now, neither of my concerns are issues. With my Coravin Wine Preservation System, I can pour any wine without removing the cork. This means that I can enjoy a taste, or a glass or two, of wine and then put the bottle back in the wine fridge to revisit some time in the future.

The Coravin Model Six easily slips onto a bottle with the Smart Clamps feature. You align the Coravin with the top of the bottle and quickly push down. When you push down, the Coravin wine needle, which is gentle on cork, inserts easily. Hold the bottle like you normally would when pouring. Press the metal trigger next to the handle and the wine pours out smoothly. To stop pouring, tip the bottle back up. When finished, pull the handle of the Coravin straight up. It is simple and smooth. The cork will reseal naturally and store the week for weeks, months or years.

What happens is that when you press the trigger and wine is released into the glass, the capsule releases 99.99% ultra-pure argon gas into the bottle. This creates a protective layer above the wine and because the cork has not been removed, oxygen does not get in.

To get the most out of one capsule, treat the trigger like a gas pedal. You do not have to have a heavy finger. If you are not aggressive with the trigger, then one capsule will last for approximately 15 5-ounce pours or four full bottles of wine.

The Coravin Model Six comes with a carry case, 3 Coravin Pure Capsules and a Coravin Screw Cap. For screw cap wines, you quickly remove the screw cap and replace it with the Coravin Screw Cap. You can then use the Corvavin and pour wine when you want to drink.

Now that I am home everyday, surrounded by wine, I feel liberated. The guilt is gone. I can open up a flight of wines to taste for a story. Or I can have a glass of white and a glass of red with my dinner. The options are endless and no bottles are wasted. I love my Coravin Wine Preservation System, the Please The Palate pick of the week.

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