New Cocktail Menu at Black Market

When you put six talented bartenders behind a bar and let them play, play they do!  Recently Black Market Liquor Bar bartenders Pablo Moix, Ray Ewers, Lacey Murillo, Zach Patterson, Max Maxey, Anthony Flores spent a day behind the bar playing with different spirits and creating concoctions and have now launched their newest cocktail menu.

Basil Ray (vodka, elderflower liqueur, pineapple gum, lime prosecco, thai basil) is the perfect drink to start out the night or to sip by the pool – bright, easy, refreshing, light…..a cocktail that says, “wake up, let’s get started!”

The Better Half (bourbon, pineapple, cucumber, agave) has great layers with a bright, fresh citrus note at the start and warms you on the finish.

Dune Buggy (sotol, prickly pear, agave, lime, orgeat, lemon bitters) may be colorful, bright and very “girly” looking but the drink it tart and mouth-watering.

Out of Spite (jalageno-infused vodka, lime, kumquat, agave, mint) is fresh and……wait…..wait…..wait for that finish……heat!

Yippee Calle (rum, grapefruit, agave, lime, serrano pepper, orange bitters, pink peppercorn) is another tart, fresh cocktail on the start but when the serrano pepper kicks in, you will want to yell, “yippee calle!”

Grassroots (rhum agricole, spinach, romaine, cucumber, apry, lemon) has an earthy flavor.  But, how can you beat this?  A cocktail and a health drink in one!

Barbara Roberts (old tom gin, maraschino, raspberry gum, lemon, orange bitters) has a citrus note on the nose but it’s smooth and sophisticated.  It reminded me of a bubble bath; there was an spa-like essence to the cocktail.

Additional cocktails on the menu:

Fuzzy Whisker (rye whiskey, homemade curacao, peach bitters)

Fade to Black (103 proof bourbon, clement canne syrup, walnut bitters)

Up in Smoke (ardbeg, mexcal, allspice dram, aperol, old fashioned bitters)

Redwood Original (irish whiskey, apry, orgeat, lemon, hefeweizen)

Andrew’s Penniless Grandma (gin, aperol, india pale ale)

Black Market Liquor Bar, 11915 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604