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Monday is one of my favorite nights go out since it's usually a quiet night on the town. When a friend asked to meet for a drink, I decided that it was finally time to get myself over to Melrose Umbrella Company as they just celebrated their one year anniversary and I had yet to go there. Melrose Umbrella Company Apparently, I am not the only one who likes to go out on a Monday night as there was a good sized crowd there. All the seats were filled and there was a chill energy in the room. To top if off, owner and barman Zach Patterson was behind the bar, making it an even better night. Monday sure is a fun night at Melrose Umbrella Company!
Known for infamous brunches and late night parties in New York, Bagatelle has hit the west coast!  Located in the heart of West Hollywood, you will feel like you have traveled to St.Tropez where you can eat, drink and party in style. The bar program is managed by Zach Patterson who has created the French-inspired cocktail menu. With the white decor of Bagatelle, the bright, colorful cocktails "look like a rainbow against the backdrop," Zach explained.  "There is a purple [prickly pear] drink, a yellow [passion fruit] drink and even a black drink with squid ink."  The cocktails are all light, fresh and bright, enabling customers to drink more than one, or two, or three.....so watch out!