House-Made Libations, Drafts, Sodas and Bottles at Harlowe


There is always somewhere new to enjoy a drink in Los Angeles and one of the newest spots is Harlowe. But while Harlowe is new, it has an “old” feel.

Harlowe Exterior

Owned by the 1933 Group, Harlowe is another one of their bars (think Sassafras, Oldfield’s Liquor Room) that makes you feel like you have stepped back in time. Located in what used to be a nightclub, Harlowe was inspired by Hollywood’s Golden Age and is filled with vintage decor, custom fixtures and original turn-of-the-century portraits on every wall. The oblong bar sits in the center of the room with a few tables scattered around the perimeter of the room and on the patio.

Harlowe Interior

Drinks were created by the entire team, led by Duschan Zaric. The team includes Chris Amirault (formerly of Eveleigh) and 1933 manager Kyle Ackley.

Kyle Ackley and Chris Amirault

And now Rosie Ruiz is part of the team.Rosie Ruiz

The cocktail menu is divided into two sections – Housemade Libations and Reimagined Classics. We began the evening with a few selections under Housemade Libations.

Captain Planet (Bols Genever, spiced watermelon and strawberry shrub, lemon) is light and slightly sweet with the largest garnish I have ever seen!

Captain Planet

Rye The Long Face? (Rittenhouse 100pf rye, honey, lemon, apple cider vinegar, pickled rhubarb “boba”) – Watch out for the long big straw but you will need it to get the pickled rhubarb boba at the bottom of the glass. I loved the balance between the richness of the Rye and the tartness of the apple cider vinegar and pickled rhubarb. The aroma of the burned sage adds a nice touch.

Rye The Long Face

The Gilbert (Capurro pisco, Chardonnay, market grape cordial, lemon, house-made five-spices) is all about grapes – pisco, wine, grape cordial – but the acidity and five-spice round out the drink and it is not too sweet.

The Gilbert

We also ordered an Aperitif – the West Hollywood (Laird’s Bonded apple brandy, Noilly Prat Ambre, Dry Curacao, Angostura, Calvados soaked apple). What’s not to love, it’s made with Laird’s Bonded Apple Brandy? Definitely a drink better enjoyed at the end of the night. And watch out for the Calvados soaked apples…dangerously delicious!

West Hollywood Calvados Soaked Apples

In addition to the cocktails and aperitifs, there are the Reimagined Classics which include:

House-made Drafts include a Paloma (Tequila Cabeza, house-made grapefruit cordial, lime, carbonation), Moscow Mule, Old Fashioned and Negroni on tap.

Housemade Draft Paloma

Bottled in House offerings include Americano, G&T, Pisco Punch and Sazerac. These can be poured into a glass and are ready to drink, except for the non-carbonated Pisco Punch in which ice, grapefruit oils and Creole bitters are added in the glass.

Bottled in House

House-Made Draft Sodas offer a great option for non-alcoholic drinks but any spirits can be added to the Ginger Beer, Cola, Minty Fresh and Cream Soda.

House Made Draft Sodas - Cream Soda and Minty Fresh

With all of these great drinks, don’t worry, there is also a food menu created by consulting chef Eric Greenspan. From Cheese Puffs and Charred Brussel Sprouts to an Open-Faced Bologna Sandwich and Yucca Fries, plus other items, you can make an entire meal or just have a snack with your drinks.

Cheese Puffs  Open Faced Bologna Sandwich (1) Yucca Fries (1)  Charred Brussel Sprouts

The food is served 5-11pm daily, but Harlowe also offers 5 of the items on the menu for $5 during Happy Hour from 5pm-7pm. And, if you are there after 11pm but want to eat, the same items from the Happy Hour menu are available from 11pm – 1am (but not for Happy Hour prices).

7321 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood 90046