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After 80 years, Clifton's Cafeteria in downtown Los Angeles shut it's doors in 2011. But today the doors are reopened, bringing glamour back to downtown LA. Clifton's Cafeteria As a third generation Los Angeleno, Clifton's had been a destination for my grandparents, my parents and myself. As a little girl, my mom would take me to Clifton's where after lunch I could pick a toy out of the treasure chest. While I have vague memories of this, Clifton's Cafeteria was a part of my childhood. Honoring the history of Clifton's, while reinventing itself for the modern age, Clifton's Cafeteria had a ribbon cutting ceremony on September 17th with Mayor Eric Garcetti, Council member José Huizar, Clifton's owner Andrew Meieran and actress June Lockhart. Council member José Huizar, actress June Lockhart, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Clifton's owner Andrew Meieran
Harlowe There is always somewhere new to enjoy a drink in Los Angeles and one of the newest spots is Harlowe. But while Harlowe is new, it has an "old" feel. Harlowe Exterior Owned by the 1933 Group, Harlowe is another one of their bars (think Sassafras, Oldfield’s Liquor Room) that makes you feel like you have stepped back in time. Located in what used to be a nightclub, Harlowe was inspired by Hollywood's Golden Age and is filled with vintage decor, custom fixtures and original turn-of-the-century portraits on every wall. The oblong bar sits in the center of the room with a few tables scattered around the perimeter of the room and on the patio.