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Although Harlowe Bar in West Hollywood opened in May 2014, now at the end of 2015 it is like a new bar. While the bar looks like a turn-of-the-century brasserie, the team running it is relatively new and in time for the winter season they have created a menu that represents the season, showcasing classic and original cocktails, fountain cocktails from an 1890s Iowa soda fountain and adult floats made with house-crafted sodas and ice creams. Harlowe Bar is a neighborhood joint. With a lunch counter, turn of the century soda fountain and medicine cabinet, it is "old school California fused with European cafe", as described by General Manager Billy Bob Thompson. Bar Manager Wes Gerald joined Harlowe only one month ago. But, after working at Little Fork under Brian Butler, he has a respect for the classics and understands how ingredients work together. His goal for the new cocktail list is to "create a list for people who just want a drink." Wes continued that "it's not about heavy drinks. A drink should be drinkable. Drinks should be fun." Bar Manager Wes Gerald and General Manager Billy Bob Thompson The cocktail list is rather robust with five sections and between two to five selections within each one.
Harlowe There is always somewhere new to enjoy a drink in Los Angeles and one of the newest spots is Harlowe. But while Harlowe is new, it has an "old" feel. Harlowe Exterior Owned by the 1933 Group, Harlowe is another one of their bars (think Sassafras, Oldfield’s Liquor Room) that makes you feel like you have stepped back in time. Located in what used to be a nightclub, Harlowe was inspired by Hollywood's Golden Age and is filled with vintage decor, custom fixtures and original turn-of-the-century portraits on every wall. The oblong bar sits in the center of the room with a few tables scattered around the perimeter of the room and on the patio.