Getting Ready For A Trip…..What’s A Foodie To Do?


What started as planning a trip to the Red Sea to celebrate the Bat Mitzvah of a good friend’s daughter has turned into a 2 week vacation to explore Israel and Turkey. While the trip is not for another few months, we are beginning to plan what we want to do and where we want to go. While some people may start by planning where they are staying, I am starting with where I want to eat. After all, I don’t want to waste any time on a meal that isn’t delicious.

I just found the Tel Aviv Ultimate Foodie Guide 2014! While the plan is to only spend a couple days in Tel Aviv, based on this guide, I want to spend the entire 2 week trip eating my way through this city. This guide was created by noted food stylist Deanna Linder and professional food photographer Danya Weiner who have the Israeli culinary food blog Matkonation.

Deanna and Danya have scoured through Tel Aviv’s most noteworthy restaurants and dining establishments to create an ultimate food guide to the city. And best of all, The Tel Aviv Foodie Guide is a free, online platform that helps us foodies navigate through Tel Aviv’s thriving culinary scene. The city has been subdivided into 12 categories with four restaurants per section. From breakfast, lunch and dinner to bars, bakeries, markets, street food, vegetarian and Kosher establishments and beyond.


So check out this list, or just look at these photos, and you might just find yourself looking for flights to Israel!

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