Wine From Malibu?

Most likely, when you think about Malibu, vineyards are not what come to mind. Beach mansions filled with celebrities or surfers riding the waves are more typical images. However, tucked into the Santa Monica Mountains is one of Southern California’s best kept secrets – the vineyards of Malibu.

Dolin Malibu Estate Vineyards

Due to the hidden hills and remote canyons, it is possible to drive through the mountains and never see these vineyards. But from one-half acre backyards to thousand acre estates, there are more than 50 independent vineyards in the area today. And, with the imminence of Southern California’s newest AVA (American Viticulture Area), the Malibu Coast AVA, it is finally time that Malibu’s soil and climate are recognized as unique in their ability to grow wine grapes of distinction.

Read the complete story in the Napa Valley Register.

3 thoughts on “Wine From Malibu?

  1. Allison, This is easily the most well-crafted, concise and comprehensive article ever written about Dolin. Thank you!

  2. Allison,
    Nice article on the Malibu AVA. It was informative, and I enjoyed it. I grew up in Pasadena and remember all the chatter about Malibu vines in the 90’s when I was coming up in the wine business.

    My high school friend Alex Vilicana grew grapes on his parents’ hillside above the Rose Bowl (he’s been a successful Paso Robles producer for a long time) also in the 90’s, as did another guy nearby, though a Pasadena AVA never materialized.

    Hope to see you in the Register again in the future.

    Tony Poer
    Napa, Calif.
    Wine Writer, Calistoga Tribune

  3. Last Friday I was pleased to see your Malibu article…Nicely done!

    Cheers and Abrazo,
    Tim McDonald, CSW
    San Francisco International Wine Competition Director of Judging

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