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Heading to the beach for the day or just driving up the coast? If Malibu is where you are headed, be sure to make a stop at Trancas Country Market. Trancas Country Market Trancas Country Market is located deep in the heart of Malibu and is set on a 17-acre natural sanctuary. As you drive up Pacific Coast Highway, north of Kanan Dune Road and Zuma Beach, you will find the charming rustic, barn-style Trancas Country Market. It is home to a handful of shopping and dining experiences, including Malibu Beach House, Drill, Farmhouse Café, Irit Design, Nati, Postal Annex, Le Village Café, Pritchett Rapf Realtors, Sea Lily Malibu, Starbucks, Trancas Canyon Nursery, Trancas Tailor & Cleaners, Wells Fargo and Vintage Grocers, as well as open-air common areas for picnicking and live concerts.
Last summer, I went up to Malibu to visit Elliott Dolin at Dolin Malibu Estate and learn about his wines just after the Malibu Coast AVA had been approved (the article appeared in the Napa Valley Register). Elliott Dolin It's now been a year and a lot has happened in Malibu. First, shortly after the AVA was approved, a vineyard ban took effect. While this does not affect anyone within the City of Malibu, it affects anyone outside of Malibu who wants to plant vineyards in a coastal area. Luckily Dolin Malibu Estate falls within the City of Malibu and is not directly affected by this ban. But, Elliott will continue to fight the ban as he supports his neighbors and friends.