TyKu Premium Sake Offers a Low Carlorie Cocktail Option

When you think of your favorite cocktails, most of them are lead by familiar spirits like vodka, gin, tequila, rum, etc……but Sake?  TyKu Sake is paving the way for sake culture. Named by merging the words taekwondo and Haiku poems, TyKu represents the synergy of the two and highlights TyKu’s mission for respecting tradition and embracing tomorrow. While staying true to its origins and ingredients, TyKu offers premium sake that is great on its own or in a cocktail, as we learned recently when we joined TyKu at Sushi Roku for some cocktails and small plates.

Sake is believed to have originated in Japan around 700 AD. Most surviving breweries were set up by landowners who grew rice crops and used the left over rice in their breweries to create what is known as Sake. Set out to create something authentic and true to its origins, American owners of TyKu lived in Japan for over four years and worked closely with the people of Japan to fully immerse themselves into the culture they have now brought to the public.


TyKu currently offers 3 styles: TyKu Sake Silver, TyKu Sake Black and TyKu Coconut Sake. These Sakes are all brewed in Nara, Japan, the historical heartland of Japanese culture and birthplace of Sake. What makes TyKu so appealing? TyKu only produces premium grade Sake, which is determined by how much the rice grain has been polished away, removing unwanted fats, leaving only the most desirable center of the grain.The sakes are brewed using four simple, all natural ingredients: rice, water, yeast, and Koji. They are completely gluten free and contain no sulfites, tannins or any other additives.

For our sake sit down, we started with Sushi Roku’s Tropicana Cocktail, made with TyKu Coconut Sake, coconut water and mango puree. We were hooked from the first sip and at only 45 calories per serving, we were in heaven.


This indulgently refreshing drink paired perfectly with Shishito Japanese Peppers, Truffle Edamame, and Crispy Rice with Tuna.


Next, we tasted TyKu Silver. Contrary to popular belief, Premium Sake (such as TyKu Sake) should be served chilled, like a white wine. Keeping with tradition, we started with the TyKu Silver, a premium Junmai that is polished 30%, representing the top 15% of all sake in the world. The Silver is fresh and lightly sweet, with subtle pear notes. For those who aren’t frequent Sake drinkers, the Silver is a great place to start and will appeal to beer and wine drinkers.


We paired the sake with the Miso Eggplant Dengaku and Black Truffle Tempura Roll.

After TyKu Silver, we tasted TyKu Black, rapidly becoming one of the most popular sakes in the U.S.. TyKu Black is crafted from rice that has been polished to 45%. The rich texture of the Black is complimented by natural hints of peach and vanilla. Best enjoyed chilled like a white wine, TyKu Black is an ideal Sake choice for wine drinkers and pairs with white meats and exotic cheeses.


TyKu sake is versatile and can be enjoyed traditionally chilled or in a cocktail.  From skinny margaritas made with Citrus Sake to Coconut Sake paired with coconut tequila to TyKu Silver with ginger beer, the options are endless. Additional recipes, education and information can be found online.

A Tip: In Japanese tradition you never pour your own glass of sake. It is customary to always pour sake for each other as a sign of friendship and respect, making this the perfect drink to share with friends and loved ones as you create luck and good fortune together.