The Heart of Tequila: Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant

When one talks about Tequila, it is not uncommon for Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant, and the Tommy’s Original Margarita, to be a part of the conversation. While still a family-owned business that opened its doors in 1965, Tommy’s is recognized as the epicenter of tequila on a global level. Since the beginning, Tommy’s has been ahead of the curve with regards to Tequila. Today they are known for their extensive tequila bar with more than 350 brands to choose from, all 100% agave tequilas and arguably, they make the best margaritas on earth.

Taking the lead is Julio Bermejo who turned his family’s restaurant into the Bay Area’s Tequila mecca. Julio’s passion and enthusiasm for Tequila is at the heart of Tommy’s success and why today Julio holds the sole title of U.S. Tequila ambassador.

HISTORY: Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant has been a San Francisco staple since opening its doors 47 years ago. Tomas “Tommy” Bermejo came to the US from the Yucatan as a guest worker through the United States and Mexico’s Bracero Program, which ran  between 1942 and 1964. In 1965, Tommy and his wife Elmy bought the building where Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant is located. At first, the menu featured non-traditional Mexican dishes like carved meats. But, Tommy began integrating traditional Yucatan dishes such as Poc, Chuc and Pollo Pibil into the menu, eventually removing all non-traditional dishes.

Read the full story from BIN Magazine August 2012