RCS Rumzcal: Harmony of Rum and Mezcal Together

For the August Issue of BIN Magazine, I had the pleasure to write the feature story about RCS Rumzcal: Harmony of Rum and Mezcal Together

Don The Beachcomber, the father of tiki culture, would say “what one rum can do, three can do better.” This adage applied to mixing different rums together to enhance the flavor of the drink. This is the idea behind split cocktails in which the main liquor component in a cocktail is split between two or more ingredients. Whether splitting the base in the same spirit category or unexpected spirit combinations, split based cocktails can enhance the flavor of a cocktail. And that is what Ron Colón Salvadoreño’s (RCS) newest Rumzcal offers in one bottle.

The combination of Rum and Mezcal may not seem like they belong together. Sweet rum and smoky Mezcal are not typically combined in classic cocktails. However, RCS was inspired by brand fans like Shannon Mustipher, who wrote in a Saveur Article “After experimenting with different spirit categories, the “aha” moment came when I mixed mezcal with rhum agricole to create Song of The Siren, my own edgy yet true-to-form mai tai riff. On paper, the ingredients don’t appear to belong together, as there are no precedents for the combination among classic cocktails; many people consider Mezcal to be smoky and rum to be sweet. But in the right pairing, the two can produce a drink that is pungent and refreshing yet retains an earthy element, merging beautifully on the palate.”

Read the entire store in BIN Magazine’s August 2022 Issue.