Ramen? Poke? A Burger? Whichever you are craving, K Ramen has it.

Ramen? Poke? A Burger? Whichever you are craving, K Ramen has it.

K Ramen

K Ramen is one of SBE’s newest ventures. Located on the second floor of Katsuya Glendale at the Americana at Brand Mall, K Ramen is a casual dining experience that can be enjoyed before or after a movie or during a day of shopping.

Stairs to K Ramen

As you wander up the winding stairs, you will enter a large open space with a bar off to the side and a large bar in the center of the room. This used to be a nightclub and still retains the dark, empty feel during the day. But head to the outdoor covered terrace and take a seat where you can watch people walk around Americana and view the dancing musical water fountain. 

Americana at Brand

The menu features salads, ramen, burgers, poke and beer. The calamari with wasabi cocktail sauce comes with long, thick pieces of calamari steak so there is more meat than batter. A great dish to start the meal and share with friends.

Calamari with wasabi cocktail sauce

There are four poke options on the menu and we had the red snapper and kale in yuzu ginger sauce. Piled on top of aonori (an edible green seaweed) sesame rice, there is also avocado in the poke. While there are salads on the menu, the red snapper and kale poke is like a salad and is fresh and bright.

Snapper and Kale Poke in Yuzu Ginger Sauce

The K Burger is a juicy half a pound of two grilled meat patties with Chef’s spicy creamy sauce, caramelized onion, tomato and American cheese. This is a filling burger so probably not the best thing to have if you are planning to shop after your meal. And the burger comes with tater tots with duck fat drizzle. Yum!

K Burger with Tots with Duck Fat Drizzle

There are a few ramen options on the menu but the lobster ramen with golden chives, green onion and marinated egg is the signature dish. There are big chunks of shellfish and a red savory broth with a kick to it.

Lobster Ramen

Ready for one more reason to go? Nothing is priced over $15. After a shopping spree, an inexpensive and tasty meal is a what fits in the budget!

K Ramen at Americana
702 Americana Way
Glendale, CA 91210