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One thing that there is no shortage of in Los Angeles are sushi and ramen restaurants. While certain areas are more densely filled with sushi and ramen restaurants, they can be found in nearly every neighborhood. And on top of that, it is not a challenge to find good quality sushi and ramen. When I was invited to check out Totoyama Sushi & Ramen on Hollywood Blvd, I wasn't sure what to expect. After all, Hollywood Blvd is not typically a place to come to eat unless you are going to the Pantages or are looking for somewhere where the scene is more important than the food. But, I was in for a great surprise - Totoyama Sushi & Ramen is a gem in the center of Hollywood. This gem is a rather unassuming restaurant. It is tucked inside the complex that is home to Greenleaf Gourmet Shop, Pressed Juicery, Shake Shack, Dunkin Donuts and Soul Cycle. The space is simple and comfortable. There is a small dining area in the front, seating around the sushi bar which takes up the largest space in the restaurant, and a small dining area behind the sushi bar.
Ramen? Poke? A Burger? Whichever you are craving, K Ramen has it. K Ramen K Ramen is one of SBE's newest ventures. Located on the second floor of Katsuya Glendale at the Americana at Brand Mall, K Ramen is a casual dining experience that can be enjoyed before or after a movie or during a day of shopping. Stairs to K Ramen As you wander up the winding stairs, you will enter a large open space with a bar off to the side and a large bar in the center of the room. This used to be a nightclub and still retains the dark, empty feel during the day. But head to the outdoor covered terrace and take a seat where you can watch people walk around Americana and view the dancing musical water fountain.