QUALITY DISTRIBUTOR: A Wholesale Company in San Diego, CA Offers A New Way To Do Business at QDLiquor.com

I am excited to share the cover story I wrote for the December issue of Beverage Industry News.

Wine and spirits retailers have offered online sales in conjunction with brick-and-mortar stores for years. E-commerce was not born out of the pandemic. But over the past year, on-line sales of alcohol have increased exponentially, making alcohol the fastest growing e-commerce department among consumer- packaged goods, according to Nielsen data. But while retailers have shifted to e-commerce, the wholesale sector of the wine and spirits industry has been met with challenges. Off-premise sales have kept wholesalers in business while on-premise business has diminished. However, with the pandemic, many off-premise, and remaining on premise, businesses prefer to limit in-person meetings with sales representatives. One wholesale company, Quality Distributor, has added e-commerce to their distribution model which also includes Cash & Carry as well as the traditional in-person sales.

Quality Distributor, established in 1996, is a reputable wholesale supplier that has been in business for more than 25 years. Based in San Diego, California, Quality Distributor supplies liquor, beer, and wine, as well as beverages, groceries, candy, tobacco, premium cigars, dairy, and more. Quality Distributor has a second location in Phoenix, Arizona dedicated to the sale of distilled spirits.
Quality Distributor was founded by Raad Benny. Raad emigrated to the United States in 1991. When he came to the United States, he worked for a wholesale grocery distributor before opening his
own grocery distribution business. After seven years in business, he added liquor to his portfolio. Quality Distributor supplies big chains such as Costco, Beverages & More, and Total Wine with their exclusive lines of tequila and Arak. With more than 30 brands, tequila is a large category for Quality Distributor. They also specialize in the importing and distribution of tequila all over California, as well as many other states which currently include Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Illinois, Texas, Michigan, Florida, and Washington.

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