Please The Palate

Please The Palate’s October 2015 Newsletter

Is it really Fall 2015 already? With the heat wave in California, it feels like we are in the middle of summer. But, here we are in the later part of the year with the holidays quickly approaching and it is time for the October 2015 newsletter from Please The Palate.

While the summer was filled with international travel to Italy and Greece, the end of summer and fall has been filled with domestic trips to explore the Finger Lakes in upstate New York, Pismo Beach and Santa Barbara. I continue to share the places I find, the people I meet and the wonderful food and wine I try through my blog and also am a regular contributor to the Napa Valley Register and FoodableTV. And, recently I was offered a column in the Napa Valley Register so there will be regular wine stories appearing there. In addition, I have begun to write for Wine Tourist Magazine which will include stories about wine travel to various places. I hope that you continue to enjoy reading and finding things to please your palate!

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