Please The Palate Pick of the Week: Zhengyalov Hatz in Glendale

The city of Glendale, just a few miles away from Downtown Los Angeles, is home to a large Armenian population. Some estimates say the population is between 27% and 40% Armenian. In fact, there are more Armenians living outside of Armenia than inside the country. So, if you are looking to eat Armenian food, the best place to go is Glendale.

Armenia is a melting pot of many cultures and hence the food is as well. Generally, you can think of meat, fish and vegetables cooked in spices and lavash (flatbread). But one truly traditional Armenian dish is Zhengyalov Hatz and the restaurant with the same name is the Please The Palate pick of the week.

Located on Broadway in Glendale, Zhengyalov Hatz is a rustic space with a reclaimed wood facade and brick walls. There is a comforting and welcoming feeling when you walk into this restaurant and whether you sit down or order to go, you can watch the women rolling out the fresh flatbread.

The menu is simple. There is one dish on it – Zhengyalov Hatz.

Zhengyalov Hatz is a flatbread stuffed with 15 different finely minced herbs and green vegetables, including spinach, beetroot leaves, scallions, cilantro, onion and sorrel. The flatbread is wrapped up and served hot. It is a very healthy dish and in fact, it is vegan. Of course, you can add butter if you want but it really does not need it.

To complement the single dish on the menu is a larger selection of drinks. There is fresh tea, including thyme & mint and cinnamon & nuts.

There is Tan, a savory yogurt drink

or Apricot Compote, a light apricot juice with pieces of apricot on the bottom.

And, for dessert there is Paxlava, a regional variation on baklava that is quite delicious.

If you find yourself in Glendale or are heading out there to explore Armenian cuisine, don’t miss Zhengyalov Hatz for a light and healthy meal.

Zhengyalov Hatz
318 E Broadway, Glendale, CA 91205