Please The Palate Pick of the Week: The Omakase Berry from Oishii

In California, we eat strawberries year round, and the fresh strawberries that I can get at the farmers market during the summer months are some of the best. But that was until I tried one of the sweetest, purest, most delicious strawberries I have ever had! It was the Omakase Berry from Oishii. This strawberry is so incredibly sublime, it is the Please The Palate pick of the week.

Please The Palate Pick of the Week: The Omakase Berry from Oishii

Did you know that one of Japan’s major exports are strawberries? In addition to Japan having the highest consumption of raw strawberries in the world, there are currently 312 varieties of strawberries in Japan! Each of these varieties has a different flavor, like grape varieties are each different. And, the Omakase Berry, being grown by Oishii, is a variety known for its beautiful aromas and exceptional sweetness.

Oishii was established in New Jersey but now has facilities in Los Angeles. In these facilities, the Omakase Berry is grown using vertical farming. Using technology, they are able to recreate the elements of a perfect day in Japan including soft rain, mild heat, warm light, and buzzing bees. The use of vertical farms also means there is no need to use pesticides.

Please The Palate Pick of the Week: The Omakase Berry from Oishii

The Omakase Berry has a seedless exterior. As the sweetest part of the berry is the tail, it is recommended to take a bite from the side of the berry so that you get both the tail and the top in one bite. From the first bite, you will be in heaven. The strawberry has a creamy texture and the most beautifully elegant sweetness.

It is an exquisite experience to eat an Omakase Berry and, based on the price, each bite will be cherished. The Omakase Berry is sold in a package of eight, which costs $50. Yes, $50 for eight strawberries, making each strawberry $6.25. The aromas alone will capture you, but it is a special treat to eat one of these berries.

At the current time, the Omakase Berry is available to order for pick-up in various locations in New York and New Jersey or delivery to select areas of Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey. And, the Omakase Berry is also now available in Los Angeles for pick up at Destroyer in Culver City and soon will be available for delivery.