Please The Palate Pick of the Week: Roseade Rosé Lemonade

Canned drinks are all the rage these days. There is hard seltzer, canned wine, and Ready to Drink cocktails (RTDs). And now there is Roseade Rosé Lemonade! It’s refreshing, fun, unpretentious, tasty, and it’s the Please The Palate pick of the week!

Roseade was born in Australia. Winemaker Lee Smallman of Chirping Bird Winery in Moorooduc, Victoria, Australia, found himself with too much Rosé in 2018. He had 300 cases of overstock and had the option to dump it or blend it. But, after seeing a long line to taste a local sangria at the farmer’s market, he thought he could do better and started experimenting with his Rosé. He experimented with different flavors and lemonade seemed to be the perfect match. A little carbonation made it a spritz and he put it in a bottle. It was delicious and refreshing and an immediate hit.

Lee found Karl Ziegler and Victora Ash, wine importers in Southern California, on Instagram and introduced them to Roseade. Karl and Victoria loved it and brought it to America. However, to keep the cost down on Roseade, they found that the bottles were too expensive. They looked into other options and selected cans. Cans are individual, they are portable, they are environmentally friendly, and they keep costs down.

Roseade is a fun twist on a Rosé spritz. It is made with all natural ingredients with no chemicals or artificial flavors. Roseade is Rosé wine, fresh lemon juice, water, sugar, and CO2. It is 8% alcohol and only 170 calories. It is not hard seltzer, canned wine, or a mixed drinks. It sits in its own category and is very enjoyable to drink.

We love our Rosé wines and this tastes just as it should. It is a Rosé wine with fresh lemon juice. It is zesty, fresh and crisp with bright acidity. It is not cloying, does not have a weird after-taste, and drinking a can, or two, will not give you a hangover.

And then there is the playful packaging that embodies the laid-back Aussie style. The can is pink and there is a smiling yellow lemon wearing sunglasses.

Enjoy Roseade on the ski slopes. And, as the weather warms up, whether you are heading to the beach, lounging by the pool, heating up the barbecue, or building a campfire, pop open a can of Roseade! Think of Roseade, a fun twist on a Rosé spritz, as the beverage for the active (ie. on-the-go) drinker. Enjoy it right out of the can or pour it over ice in a glass. But enjoy Rosé all day, every day with the fun, unpretentious and tasty Roseade.

We love to say #rosealday and with this new Roseade Rosé Lemonade you can enjoy it everyday! Order a 4-pack today for $14.99 at Roseade USA.