Please The Palate Pick of the Week: Imperia Caviar – High Quality, Delicious Flavor and Exceptional Value

When I think of caviar, I think of a luxury product that is very expensive. In fact, it is often well beyond my budget. So, when I have the opportunity to eat caviar at an event, I am never one to shy away from it. But, now, thanks to Imperia Caviar, caviar is something to be enjoyed on a daily basis. The quality, the taste and the value make Imperia Caviar the Please The Palate pick of the week.

Caviar is a very good for you. It is a super-food. It is a source of vitamins and minerals, including Omega 3, vitamins A, E and B6, Iron, Magnesium and Selenium. Caviar is good for our minds and it is also an aphrodisiac. With all of these health benefits, we should be eating caviar every day. And Imperia Caviar is making that possible.

Imperia Caviar was founded by Sony Mordechai in 2018 with the goal of making caviar feel less like a splurge and more like an everyday delight. The caviar comes from sustainable, eco-friendly sturgeon farms and it is made by hand to ensure the best quality. The sturgeon are grown in a nearly wild environment and rely on the purity of fresh water. There are no preservatives and no hormones used.

Imperia Caviar offers two types of caviar – Kaluga Hybrid Reserve and Royal Ossetra. Royal Ossetra is one of the most coveted varieties of carviar and Kaluga Hybrid Reserve comes from the royal union of the Kaluga and Shassetra sturgeons.

The Kaluga Hybrid Reserve from Imperia Caviar is delicious. The eggs are 3 millimeter in size and a greenish grey. In fact, the lighter the color of the caviar, the higher the quality. When eating the caviar on its on, you just let it slide across your tongue and down your throat. The Kaluga Hybrid Reserve has a firm texture and is creamy and moderately salty. It is balanced and delicious on its own or on top of a myriad of dishes.

The best part is the price. Imperia Caviar works directly with reputable farms, many of the same that other companies work with. However, based on the quantities they purchase, they are able to keep the costs lower and also work on a small margin. For example, a 30 gram serving from Imperia Caviar is $30 compared to $210 for the same amount from Petrossian! This means that Imperia Caviar is selling it for approximately $1 per gram!

Imperia Caviar is a direct to consumer model. While you can place one-off orders, the best thing to do is to join Imperia Caviar’s The Caviar Club. You can choose a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly subscription. Each order is $250 and comes with 8 1-ounce (30 gram) tins. Keep them all for yourself or give them as gifts. Each of the tins will last for four weeks refrigerated if unopened and they will last for 48 hours once open.

Caviar is healthy and pleasurable and now the best quality is affordable. Imperia Caviar is offering high quality, responsibly farmed caviar at the lowest prices in the US and it is delicious. Order a subscription for yourself or for a friend. Thanks to Imperia Caviar caviar can now be an everyday delight that is why it is the Please The Palate pick of the week.