Please The Palate Pick of the Week: Graze Snack Boxes

One of the perks of my American Express Platinum card is that I get offers for various products. Recently I got an invite to try a Graze box for free. Free?!? Sure, I was willing to try it. I signed up, entered the code, as well as my credit card, and went through a long list of snacks to mark what I liked or did not like. I then forgot about it until this week when my first Graze box arrived. While I had intended to cancel after I received my free sample, I am hooked and that is why it is the Please The Palate “pick of the week.”

Graze has more than 100 snacks that range from savory to sweet, wholesome to indulgent. There are nuts, seed, fruits, popcorn, broths and dips. When you rate the snacks, you can select “trash,” “try,” “like” and “love.” In addition to a “snack variety box,” you can also pick a “savory box,” “popkern box,” “sweet treat box,” “flapjack box,” “afternoon pick-me-up box” or a “top 20 box.” Then the boxes are customized for you and delivered weekly, every two weeks or monthly.

I love to snack, and with Graze the snacks arrive at the door, individually packed and perfectly portioned. They are healthy, tasty and are perfect for the Please The Palate “pick of the week.”

To order your own Graze Snack Boxes, go to: