Please The Palate Pick of the Week: Dinner from The Slanted Door in San Francisco via Goldbelly

With my birthday looming, I usually celebrate over the course of a week or two. Instead of a large party, I enjoy small dinners with different friends. But sadly, that is not how I will celebrate my birthday this year. But one friend wasn’t going to let us be able to meet at a restaurant hinder me from a delicious meal. The other day I received a package from that had been overnighted to me from The Slanted Door in San Francisco. Inside were all of the ingredients for their Claypot Chicken for me to enjoy at home. What a wonderful and delicious birthday gift and that is why dinner from The Slanted Door in San Francisco via Goldbelly is the Please The Palate pick of the week.

In normal times, I travel to San Francisco at least half a dozen times for work each year and on most trips I would find myself dining at The Slanted Door. I love the modern Vietnamese cuisine and the wine list is exceptional. Unfortunately, it has been over a year since I was in San Francisco and I did not think I could enjoy food from The Slanted Door until the box arrived at my door via Goldbelly.

Goldbelly is a curated online marketplace for regional and artisanal foods crafted by local food purveyors throughout the United States. Launched in 2013, pre-pandemic, there are more than 700 restaurants available and they ship to all 50 states! Are you craving bagels from New York? Crab cakes from Maryland? Fresh Crab from Seattle? Pizza from Chicago? A Philly Cheesesteak from Philadelphia? If there is particular food that you miss because you cannot travel to it, you can have it sent to you via Goldbelly. You can search by region or by food category. You can also order farm fresh fruits and vegetables so if you want apples from Washington, go ahead and order!

Goldbelly also has meal kits from top restaurants around the country and dishes direct from some of America’s most famous chefs. And that is what my friend sent me! I received Chef Charles Pham’s organic chicken claypot with caramel sauce, thai chili, and fresh ginger.

The meal kit was shipped frozen with ice packs. I opened it and put it in the refrigerator where I could have kept it for up to 5 days! There were two boxes, for two people, with the ingredients measured and packaged.

The instructions were clear and easy. I made the rice in one pot and made the chicken in another one.

And then Voilà, I had The Slanted Door’s Claypot Chicken for dinner!

While I could not enjoy this dinner with my friend, I loved every bite! This was a perfect birthday gift and now that I know about Goldbelly, I will be looking for more delicious food items to order from around the country!