Day (and Night) Drinking at Bar Joe (at Spoonfed)

Hollywood has a new drinking (and eating) destination. Bar Joe, inside Spoonfed, will satisfy you morning, noon and night. That is right, Bar Joe is an all-day drinking destination.

Bar Joe is located inside Spoonfed in the heart of the Hollywood Media District. Spoonfed is a large, bright open space that combines counter service with comfortable seating and lots of natural light.

Tucked inside Spoonfed is Bar Joe. Bar Joe offers table service in its dining room and patio. The entire Spoonfed menu is available in Bar Joe and Bar Joe provides all of the drinks for both spaces. The only thing you have to decide is if you want table service or self-service. 

Whatever time you are ready to start drinking, Bar Joe is ready for you. Bar Joe is open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. – 11 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. – 11 p.m. every weekend. Start with coffee or a non-alcoholic drink from the “Taking It Easy” section of the menu. House-made tonics make drinks like the Basil-Pepper Tonic refreshing, savory and almost like drinking a cocktail.

In addition to the crafted non-alcoholic drinks, Bar Director John Neumueller has curated a cocktail menu to satisfy everyone. There is the “Something  Familiar” section where Neumueller has added a modern twist to old classics. Here you can find the Mimosa, Bellini, Spritz and the gazpacho-styled Bloody Mary made with Mexican Clamato and horseradish. The Paloma, originally made with Tequila and Squirt, is made with house-made grapefruit tonic, for a refreshing, light, super easy-to-drink cocktail.

I personally loved the Pimms Cup, an under-appreciated classic. Served as a high ball, it is made with Chartreuse and put on draft. This will easily be a favorite!

Neumueller had fun creating the “Something Different” section where the Coco Tranquilo is a standout! It is described as “the heart of a blended Piña Colada in the form of a crystal clear stirred Old Fashioned.” The Coco Tranquilo is sexy and smooth and coats the mouth without being sweet or icy.

The Pontiac Margarita is a play on the Cadillac margarita with silky orange cordial notes. But, instead of salting the rim, a beer float with salted lager integrates the salinity of the drink more seamlessly.

The It’s An Old Fashioned made with Rittenhouse Rye, Rormwood Demerara and Jamaican Bitters is super smooth.

The food menu, like the cocktails, is classic comfort food with a twist. There are salads, flatbread pizzas, burgers and roasted chicken but owner Sean Loeffel has included favorite family dishes to add a touch of Midwestern comfort food. While sitting at the bar, the Finger Foods menu will fill you up! Stand-outs include the Paddock Cottages Clam Dip and ChipsChicago’s NAHA Crispy Chicken Wings and the Green Hummus & Herbed Flatbread.

From morning to night, enjoy day-drinking and night-drinking (and eating) at Bar Joe.

Spoonfed / Bar Joe
959 Seward St.
Los Angeles, CA

Free street parking is available around the restaurant, as well as parking in the adjacent lot ($1 for 90 minutes before 4 p.m. and $1 for two hours from after 4 p.m.) with validation.