Please The Palate

Please The Palate April 2020 Spring Newsletter

Spring is finally here and yet our lives have changed so much in the last month. As I write my quarterly newsletter, we have been social-distancing and sheltering at home for almost one month. I do hope that everyone is doing well and I hope you, and your loved ones, are safe and healthy. I hope you are still able to work. And, I hope that you are also able to enjoy the time at home and are finding things to keep you busy, whether it is cooking, reading books, binge watching tv shows and movies, or checking things off that to-do list you started years ago.

Here at Please The Palate, everything is going well. Obviously all events have been cancelled and there is no traveling. I am taking the time to catch up with projects at home. I am starting an herb garden. I am cooking daily (instead of eating out as I normally do) and enjoying wines that I have here at home. I am binge watching tv shows and talking with friends on the phone and virtually. I am also working on photos albums that I started three years ago. And, I am continuing to write.

I hope you will enjoy listening to the podcasts with Wine Soundtrack, watching the wine videos with Wine Weirdos and reading the stories that I share here.

I also encourage you, if you have the means, to support your local restaurants if they are offering take-out or delivery and support our local wineries. Many wineries around the country are offering special pricing and virtual tastings and wine classes for you. So, enjoy yourselves while supporting our local businesses.

Most importantly, take care of yourselves!

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