Mangia Bene at Clusi Batusi

If you’re like me, then you probably enjoy a good pizza from time to time. Whether you prefer Chicago style deep dish or thin crust Italian, it is inevitable that you can’t go wrong with pizza. Maybe I’m biased because I’m Italian, but who doesn’t love cheesy dough covered in toppings? Pizza is like the dessert bar sundae…but for dinner!

A local hot spot for many Los Angeles’ diners is Sawtelle Blvd. in West LA. Although this boulevard, also called ‘Little Osaka’, is most commonly known for their ramen, sushi and boba, I got a chance to mix it up and try something different. Clusi Batusi opened in 2012, and with only a year under their belt, they have been cooking some of LA’s best pizza. Clusi Batusi is cleverly named after Chef Michele Gargani’s favorite pet cat and is family owned and operated. It’s no surprise why the food is so good here; Chef Gargani is a direct import himself from Italy. With that being said, he knows his stuff and is constantly making dishes with the freshest ingredients that are true to Italian food and culture.

The Tuscan born chef created his pizza shop with one vision in mind, to make the freshest, highest quality product at a very affordable price. So much so, that no pizza exceeds $11 and entrees and spaghetti dishes are also reasonably priced. If you like a more hands on dining experience, a make your own pizza menu is available with loads of topping options.  Clusi Batusi also now serves beer and wine for those who want to enjoy a late night or afternoon beverage. Portion sizes are also great for the money and can easily be shared.


For my sit down at this joint I enjoyed a salad and two pizzas with a friend. The pizzas can be shared or enjoyed individually (depending on your appetite). To start, we ordered the chopped salad which is unlike any chopped salad I’ve had before and full of flavor. The best part about this starter was the fresh salami Milano and oregano. You can tell the chef pays attention to the details in his dishes and flavors, using authentic Italian ingredients and fresh herbs.

Next, we ordered two pizzas to share so we could get a mouthful of an experience. We went classic with the “Margherita pizza” and also tried the “Clusi’s Favorite.” You can’t go wrong with classic Margherita; the thin, crispy crust, light sauce and fresh basil was refreshing and satisfying.The Clusi’s Favorite was also a great choice and is made with d.o.p. pecorino toscano sauce, mozzarella, balsamic, mushrooms and fresh wild baby arugula.

Apart from the palate pleasing experience, the inside décor is quaint with a chalkboard menu, Clusi Batusi cat logo and a vintage collage inspired wall. There is both indoor and outdoor eating areas but seating is limited so get your pizza while it’s hot!


Clusi Batusi
2047 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90025
(310) 477-7707